Omar Wrote a Letter Last Night the Passive Sentence is

Omar Wrote a Letter Last Night the Passive Sentence is

What is Vocalization – Active Voice & Passive Vocalization ? Why is vocalisation needed?

While communicating nosotros use words in a sentence according to the importance ascribed to them. Or  words  are placed in a sentence co-ordinate to their importance in communication.

Unremarkably a judgement has a subject field, a verb and an object in it. A give-and-have is used equally bailiwick or object in a sentence co-ordinate to the importance it carries with information technology.

Following case makes it clear further.

1. I wrote a letter of the alphabet to him.

2. I wrote him a letter.

iii. A letter was written to him by me.

In  the sentences written above the cardinal words are I (me), a letter of the alphabet and him. Activity moves  betwixt  these words. But these are placed in a  sentence according to the importance to be given to that particular discussion. A word is used in he start of the judgement on which we want to give more than stress or importance. I is used as bailiwick because hither the doer of an activeness or the writer of the alphabetic character is more important. Out of  the words ‘a letter of the alphabet’ and ‘him’ either of the 2 is written according to importance of that particular discussion. In sentence i, ‘alphabetic character’ is considered more of import whereas in judgement two ‘him’ is more of import.

 In case of  sentences i. & 2. the word ‘I’ is shown more important and is written in the beginning of the judgement and the word ‘letter’ is in a secondary position. As well this. in these two sentences pick is to exist made as an object between He (him) and letter of the alphabet.

In case of sentence three, the words ‘a letter’ are  given more importance than the words ‘I or him’ and is written in the first of the judgement.

 This is the reason that while communicating, nosotros utilize different forms of sentences i.eastward. Active or Passive Voice. More of import words are used as Field of study area and those of secondary identify are used as an object in a sentence. For this necessary changes are fabricated in the judgement.

The two forms of sentences are chosen Agile and Passive forms of sentences and this process of making a change from active to passive grade of a sentence is called ‘change of the phonation’


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In examination there are questions in the course of change of sentences from one form of voice to another i.east. from active to passive course or vice versa  & there are questions to rectify errors due to wrong change of class of sentences.

A sentence generally has in it a  Field of study , Verb and object. Simply some sentences practise not take an object only for modify of vocalization an object in a judgement is necessary.

In case of Simple Sentences:-

While irresolute a sentence from agile to passive class, we bring object in place of bailiwick and move subject to the place of object. A discussion ‘by’ is used earlier subject (at object place). The remaining part of the sentence (other than Subject, verb and object)  is written after third form of verb.

For Example:

  • He waters the plants in the morn.            The plants are watered in the morn by him.
  • She wrote a letter of the alphabet in English.                          A alphabetic graphic symbol was written in English past her.

Present Indefinite Tense, Past Indefinite Tense & Hereafter Indefinite Sentences :

In case of  Nowadays Indefinite tense,  words — ‘is am are’ (according to changed subject surface area) + third form  of verb – are used.

 In example of  Past Indefinite Tense words — was , were ( according to changed bailiwick)  + third grade of verb – are used.

 While changing subject to object nosotros make changes equally follows:

I is changed to me and nosotros to u.s..

Offset Person :

I           My       Me
We      Our      The states

You lot (singular and plural) remains  you.

2d Person

You lot   Your    Yous

He changes to him.  She changes to her. They changes to them.

Third Person

He      His        Him
She     Her       Her
They   Their    Them.

Unproblematic SENTENCES

Present Indefinite Tense

For example :-

I sing a song.             A song is sung past me.
Nosotros sing a song.        A vocal is sung past usa.

He sings a song.        A song is sung past him.
She sings a song.       A vocal is sung past her.
They sing a song.       A song is sung by them.

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A girl sings a vocal.    A vocal is sung past a girl.

Girls sing a song.       A song is sung past girls.

You sing a vocal.        A song is sung past y’all.

(Note ‘A vocal’ is third person singular word therefore ‘is’ is used for information technology.)


Past Indefinite Tense

Similarly in instance of Past tense ‘was and were’ are used.

For Case :

I painted a beautiful motion film.           A beautiful picture was painted past me.

We painted a cute picture show.       A beautiful picture was painted past us.

Yous painted a beautiful picture.       A beautiful motion picture was painted by you.

He painted a beautiful flick.         A cute movie was painted by him.

She  painted a beautiful picture.       A beautiful picture show was painted by her.

They painted a cute moving-flick.      A cute moving-picture show was painted by them.

A girl painted a  beautiful moving-motion picture prove.    A cute film was painted past a girl.

Girls painted a beautiful film.       A beautiful picture was painted by girls.

A few sentences for practise.

  1. Nosotros expect guests at our business firm today.
  2. She spoke her speech  very fluently.
  3. When exercise you await him to come upwards ?
  4. Where did yous lot become along the ornaments?
  5. Why did  you not read this book earlier ?
  6. Heavy rains caused a nifty loss to crops standing in the fields.
  7. His friend  brought his baggage by railroad railroad train.
  8. He did non practice his abode work .
  9. Do you like his proposal ?
  10. Did you not aid  your brother?

Uncomplicated Future Tense –

Future Indefinite Tense,

Shall or will + Beginning grade of verb are changed to

Shall or will + exist + tertiary form of verb.



I shall  pigment a beautiful movie.

A beautiful motion-pic show will exist painted by me.
I shall non pigment a cute picture.
A beautiful motion picture will not be painted by me.

Shall I paint a cute movie show ?

Will a beautiful picture be  painted past me?

We shall paint a cute motility moving-picture show.

A cute motion picture will exist painted by us.
We shall not  paint a beautiful picture.
A beautiful picture will not be painted by us.

Shall we pigment a beautiful picture ?

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Volition a beautiful motility motion picture be painted by usa?

You will pigment a cute motion-motion-picture show testify.

A beautiful picture volition exist  painted by yous.

You volition non  paint a cute motion picture show.
A cute picture show will not exist painted by y’all lot.

Will you paint a beautiful picture ?

Will a cute picture exist  painted past yous?

 She will  pigment a beautiful movie.

A beautiful motion picture volition be  painted past her.

She will not paint a beautiful moving-picture show.
A beautiful motion picture will non be painted by her.

Will she paint a beautiful motion-picture show ?

Will a cute picture be painted by her?

They will  paint a cute picture.

A beautiful picture volition exist  painted by them.

They will not  paint a beautiful movie.

A beautiful picture show volition non be  painted past them.

Will they paint a cute motion picture ?

Will a beautiful picture be painted by them?

A few sentences for practise.

  1. Nosotros shall take our examinations side by side calendar week.
  2.  The boys will play a football match tomorrow.
  3. Will the farmers turn their fields?
  4. They will pay a  visit at ours this night.
  5. Volition you nourish your office tomorrow?
  6. When volition you construct your new house?
  7. Will he infringe money from his brother?
  8. How volition the cook prepare our nutrient?
  9. Why will he non attend to his mother?
  10. His inflow volition bring a peachy happiness in the family unit unit of measurement.


: While changing from active to passive voice in some cases  instead of the word ‘by’ some other words are used. A list of such words is appended for reference.


This box contains coins.                           Coins are contained in this box.

His behaviour astonished me.                  I was astonished at his behaviour.

Do y’all know her?                                      Is she  known to you lot?

This news alarmed u.s..                              Nosotros were alarmed at this news.

A thick fog covered the heaven.                      The heaven was covered with a thick fog.

Omar Wrote a Letter Last Night the Passive Sentence is