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The Text Mainly Focuses on

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focus mainly on vs mainly focus on

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focus mainly on

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Some examples from the web:

  • raising campaigns. Mr President, as the President; 5.12 The financing part of the European Union will
    focus mainly on
    research, information and awareness …
  • focus mainly on
    reducing border obstacles?* Eduardo Medeiros. Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), DINÂMIA’CET-IUL
  • Some examples and use cases from the internet: raising campaigns. Development cooperation to exist carried out pursuant to this Regulation shall
    focus mainly on …
  • Hither, we
    focus mainly on
    the liver and redox mechanisms, and their putative effects on localization and interactions of methionine adenosyltransferases.
  • EC Report on Serbia: The
    focus mainly on
    formal improvements. by Srđan Majstorović 10. 11. 2021. Belgrade; Photo: Pixabay.

mainly focus on

651,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Port policy would then
    mainly focus on
    offering back up to peripheral regions.
  • Europe should
    mainly focus on
    the outcome.
  • This coming together will
    mainly focus on
    aerodrome taxes, but it will certainly reflect on these security issues and their associated price.
  • Firstly, the Commission proposals
    mainly focus on
    current budget deficit, whilst attaching less importance to public debt.
  • Northern Dimension environmental partnership projects
    mainly focus on
    northwest Russia, but their impact benefits all the countries in the region.
  • These programmes
    mainly focus on
    adaptation to natural disasters, human induced hazards and the impact of climate change.
  • Nonetheless, given the mission of the EDPS, this opinion volition
    mainly focus on
    the data protection matters tackled by the revised Regulation.
  • However, given the remit of the EDPS, this opinion will
    mainly focus on
    the data protection aspects of the Proposal.
  • While this programme will
    mainly focus on
    natural disasters, information technology will be targeting Community based emergency plans that should help the state to improve face disasters every bit and when they occur.
  • It makes sense that the fund should
    mainly focus on
    improving the procedures, but at least as interesting is the Customs’s approach to the phenomenon of displaced persons.
  • The EFTA Surveillance Authority will therefore
    mainly focus on
    the impact of the agreement on the licensee’s ability to exploit his own (competing) technology.
  • While maintaining the requisite continuity in the demarcation of areas with handicaps, in future the basic concept should
    mainly focus on
    natural handicaps within a Member State.
  • As for these reforms, they should be clear and easily understood past Europeans and should
    mainly focus on
    improving the autonomous functioning of the Matrimony and on clarifying the responsibilities among the institutions.
  • Of form, we have the possibility and the hazard to continue this work in our health check, where we will
    mainly focus on
    the scope of the application of the cross-compliance arrangement.
  • Madam President, as draftsman of the stance of the Committee on Employment and Social Diplomacy, I will
    mainly focus on
    the issue of social cardinal rights.
  • The remuneration argument should
    mainly focus on
    the company’s policy on directors’ remuneration for the following financial twelvemonth and, if appropriate, the subsequent years.
  • For complementary imports, analyses will
    mainly focus on
    the impact of changes in their prices or book (due east.g. in the case of an oil crisis) on the national economy;
  • This Parliament’due south contributions
    mainly focus on
    the obligations for employers in terms of evaluating and measuring the levels of the electromagnetic fields workers are exposed to, on the consultation and participation of those workers and on preparation and information.
  • – Insofar as technical back up by the Community is concerned, information technology should
    mainly focus on
    those countries which demand more assistance in the field of origin (LDCs and smallest countries and countries in political transition or reconstruction).
  • It is regrettable that the net payers
    mainly focus on
    the acquirement side of the budget. Consequently, a net mentality volition mainly lead to missed chances.
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