They Usually Rice

They Usually Rice

Herb Seasoned Rice is fluffy and flavorful, and the perfect elementary, light side dish to compliment any meal. It merely takes 20 minutes to set and is well-nigh completely hands off. No more boxed mixes – this seasoned rice is so much better!

rice with herbs in a gray skillet with a wood handled spoon and a pink napkin

Rice is one of the easiest side dishes to make with well-nigh any meal. It takes very little time, information technology’s super piece of cake and totally hands off. Some more rice side dishes we love are Cilantro Lime Rice, Authentic Mexican Rice, and Easy Rice Pilaf.

The Best Seasoned Rice

When I was a kid at that place was a boxed rice mix that my mom used to buy. It was the but kind of rice I would eat. The company stopped making it and eventually I learned to honey all kinds of seasoned rice, simply this recipe is the closest I’ve come to that childhood favorite.

It’s a uncomplicated recipe, made with long grain white rice, chicken goop or stock, and dried herbs. I use stale for the recipe because they are more than readily available but you tin can use fresh instead (just double the amount).

three white bowls of herb seasoned rice, pink napkin, spoons with wooden handles

What is the best seasoning for White Rice?

My family loves rice, but they usually have to douse it in butter or soy sauce to get enough flavor. That’southward a lot of added table salt! And so how exercise you make evidently white rice taste adept? Cook it with chicken broth, garlic, and herbs!

My favorite seasonings to utilize are garlic, thyme and parsley. The combination adds just enough flavour without existence overpowering.

Cooking rice in chicken broth instead of water gives it the biggest flavor boost yous tin become. Add common salt at the cease if you need information technology, but you may not with a really flavorful broth.

Ingredients and Substitutions

  • Long grain white rice:
    This recipe will work with whatsoever type of white rice, except for specialty rices like paella or risotto, or sushi rice.
  • Butter and olive oil:
    I like to saute the dry rice in butter and olive oil to reduce the starch and add flavour. This helps it to be more fluffy and less mucilaginous.
  • Herbs:
    Stale parsley and dried thyme are my herbs of choice for the best seasoned rice, but you are welcome to use fresh if you lot prefer. Merely double the amount when using fresh.
  • Flavour:
    I live for garlic so of grade I included some garlic powder. I also added onion powder for an actress boost.
  • Table salt:
    This is optional to add together before cooking. You lot tin can also await until after the rice is cooked and add together it then, if needed.
  • Chicken goop:
    You can use stock or goop, they are very like in flavor although stock is a bit richer. I recommend using a depression sodium or even a no-salt version; it’s a lot easier to add common salt than it is to take it away.
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How to Make Herb Seasoned Rice

* Exist sure to see the recipe card below for the

consummate list of ingredients and full instructions *

I’m one of those people that was ever agape to make rice on the stovetop for fear it wouldn’t turn out. Fear not though, because this recipe is practically foolproof!

Saute the rice.
Melt some olive oil and butter in a medium size pot or deep skillet with a tight fitting chapeau. I similar to use butter for added flavor but you lot can utilise merely the olive oil, or really any cooking oil, if y’all wish. Add the dry rice and stir it effectually a few times, sauteeing until the grains are bright white.

Add the seasonings.
Stir in stale parsley and thyme, garlic and onion powder. Pour in the craven broth and some butter and stir to combine.

Bring everything to a eddy, then reduce the heat to low and encompass with the chapeau. Cook for 20 minutes – no peeking!

Fluff and serve.
Turn off the heat but don’t disturb the rice. Let it sit fof at to the lowest degree five-10 minutes earlier removing the lid. Give information technology a adept fluff with a fork or spatula and serve.

gray skillet with rice and herbs, spoon with wooden handle

Tin I make Seasoned Rice in a rice cooker?

Absolutely! Every bit long as you lot are using dried herbs, you tin melt this rice in a rice cooker. Just put all of the ingredients in your machine and turn it on. If y’all are using fresh herbs, stir them in at the stop.

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I personally adopt the stovetop for flavoring rice – I just feel it gives the rice a ameliorate texture.

How to store and reheat cooked rice

If yous programme on having leftover rice to enjoy afterwards, you must know the proper style to shop it.

Cool the rice and shop it in an closed container in the fridge for 3-4 days. Rice should be refrigerated within 2 hours of cooking, and shouldn’t be left to absurd in the same bowl it was cooked in. Either split into shallow bowls or spread on a baking sheet to cool chop-chop, or place in a storage container and so directly into the fridge or freezer. Rice will go on in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Reheating seasoned rice:
When reheating rice, you want to make sure that it gets piping hot to preclude bacteria growth. Thaw rice in the fridge overnight if necessary, then reheat in the microwave. Add one tablespoon of h2o per cup of rice to prevent it from drying out.

close up of three bowls with rice, spoons, pink napkin

What to serve with seasoned rice

The best affair about this dish is that it goes with so many dissimilar entrees. It makes a wonderful light side next to Oven Roasted Vegetables for lots of different entrees similar Creamy Broiled Craven, Cajun Grilled Pork Chops, Garlic Butter Steak Bites and Baked Boneless Chicken Thighs.

More Ways to Eat Rice

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  • Easy Chicken and Rice Bake
  • Authentic Mexican Rice
  • Easy Rice Pilaf Recipe
  • Homemade Horchata (Mexican Rice Beverage)

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If you’ve made this recipe, delight come back and exit us a star rating or a comment below. Or, tag the states on social media @yellowblissroad or #yellowblissroad for a adventure to be featured.

  • 1
    loving cup
    long grain white rice
  • 1
  • 2
    olive oil
  • 1
    dried parsley
  • one
    dried thyme leaves
  • one
    garlic pulverization
  • ½
    onion powder
  • ½
    kosher table salt
  • 2
    low sodium chicken broth
  • Melt butter and olive oil in a 3 quart saute pan over medium oestrus. Add long grain white rice and saute for two minutes or until rice is bright white in color.

  • Add parsley, thyme, garlic powder and onion powder to the rice. Saute for virtually xxx seconds.

  • Add craven goop and a tablespoon of butter and bring to a boil. Reduce oestrus to depression, embrace and simmer for 20 minutes.

  • Remove from oestrus and let stand 5-ten minutes. Fluff rice before serving.

This recipe volition make six servings, almost ½ cup each. For hungrier eaters y’all’ll become at least 4-5 servings.











Saturated Fat:


Trans Fat:

one thousand











Vitamin A:


Vitamin C:






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