I to the School Alone Yesterday

I to the School Alone Yesterday

Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Simple By Tense

1. She didn’t . . . . . to my birthday party yesterday.
a. Come
b. Came
c. Comes
d. Coming

ii. … yous sleep early terminal night?
a. Practise
b. Did
c. Does
d. Don’t

3. They … in football field.
a. Is
b. Was
c. Were
d. Does

four. We … quiz last week.
a. Have
b. Did
c. Do
d. Are

v. She …. sorry last nighttime
a. Were
b. Was
c. Is
d. Do

half-dozen. I … his machine concluding nighttime.
a. Bulldoze
b. Am
c. Drove
d. Driving

vii. Mechanic … cleaved machine.
a. Does
b. Gear up
c. Stock-still
d. Have

eight. They … photograph.
a. Taking
b. Takes
c. Took
d. Has

9. He … not come to my party yesterday.
a. Has
b. Does
c. Having
d. Did

ten. My lil bro……..a new motorcycle yesterday
a. Has
b. Accept
c. Having
d. Had

11. I….. distressing when my bestfriend left me yesterday
a. Am sorry
b. Were
c. Was
d. Did

12. Dona……. this succulent food for the states, 1 sixty minutes ago
a. Cooking
b. Cooked
c. Cooks
d. Cook

xiii. I….. this floor yesterday
a. Swept
b. Sweep
c. Sweeps
d. Sweeped

14. I………to the schoolhouse alone yesterday
a. Walk
b. Walked
c. Walks
d. Walking

15. Nosotros……in this restaurant 2 days ago
a. Ate
b. Eaten
c. Eating
d. Eat

16. I……in this sofa with him
a. Sleeping
b. Sleep
c. Slept
d. Sleped

17. We…… each other ii years ago
a. Beloved
b. Be loving
c. Are dear
d. Loved

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18. I……this pair of scissors to cut the grass yesterday
a. Cuted
b. Cuting
c. Cut
d. Be cutted

nineteen………he read novel last night?
a. Exercise
b. Did
c. Washed
d. Are

twenty. My blood brother…….this novel yesterday
a. Reading
b. Reads
c. Read
d. Readed

21. We……to the collage yesterday
a. Walking
b. Walk
c. Walked
d. Be walking

22. My students……hard concluding dark
a. Study
b. Studied
c. Was study
d. Studying

23. My teacher……..me near this mathematic final twelvemonth
a. Taught
b. Teaching
c. Teaches
d. Teach

24. I……a cake to your house last nighttime
a. Bring
b. Brought
c. Brings
d. Bringing

25. Julio…….an active student final yr
a. Were
b. Was
c. Is
d. Are

26. He didn’t . . . . . the reply for that question
a. Knew
b. Knows
c. Know
d. Knowing

27. Ten years agone, a holiday trip to Australia . . . . . cheap.
a. Was not
b. Did not
c. Were non
d. Is non

28. Maria … to marketplace ii days agone.
a. Go
b. Goes
c. Went
d. Gone

29. She bought a t-shirt …
a. Yesterday
b. Tomorrow
c. Tonight
d. Today

xxx. It … modest size.
a. Does
b. Do
c. Are
d. Was

31. Miss Yoannita . . . . . hither yesterday
a. Is
b. Are
c. Was
d. Were

32. Maman . . . . . the Headmaster of my school in 2010.
a. Is
b. Was
c. Were
d. Are

33. She didn’t . . . . . her holiday anywhere
a. Spent
b. Spending
c. Spend
d. Spends

34. Did he . . . . . english last dark?
a. Studies
b. Studied
c. Study
d. Studying

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35. They . . . . . a soccer role player before the blow happened.
a. Am
b. Are
c. Was
d. Were

36. Nosotros….. to aceh two weeks ago
a. Gone
b. Come
c. Went
d. Go

37. They……. this musc two hours agone
a. Listened
b. Listen
c. Listening
d. Exist mind

38. Anita……me in this market yesterday
a. Meeting
b. Meets
c. Met
d. Come beyond

39. I . . . . . my Task Training last calendar month.
a. Cease
b. Had finish
c. Finishing
d. Finished

xl. I . . . . . a very interesting curt story yesterday
a. To read
b. Reads
c. Read
d. Reading

41. Nanda . . . . . laissez passer the test of University Enrolment terminal year.
a. Didn’t
b. Does
c. Doesn’t
d. Don’t

42. . . . . . they exercise their homework last dark?
a. Exercise
b. Are
c. Did
d. Were

43. I . . . . . my female parent concluding Sunday.
a. Call
b. Called
c. Calls
d. Calling

44. We didn’t . . . . . with his programme
a. To hold
b. Agreeing
c. Agreed
d. Concur

45. I……in this part two years agone
a. Working
b. Worked
c. Piece of piece of work
d. Exist working

46. I……my wallet in this market place two months ago
a. Loose
b. Losed
c. Lose
d. Lossing

47. My brother…….a alphabetic character for me
a. Write
b. Wrote
c. Writing
d. Was writting

48. When I…….it is raining 5 minutes ago
a. Got upward
b. Getting up
c. Gets up
d. Get upward

49. They……about this project in this restaurant yesterday
a. Talking
b. Talked
c. Talk
d. Talks

50. I…….an elephant terminal night
a. Depict
b. Drew
c. Drawn
d. Drawing

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51. Our English language instructor . . . . . sick yesterday.
a. Is
b. Were
c. Was
d. Are

52. Miss Yoan . . . . . me to her party two days ago
a. Invited
b. Invites
c. Inviting
d. Invite

53. Eko : Where did you go yesterday?
Nanda : I . . . . . to the embankment with my friends.
a. Become
b. Went
c. Gone
d. Going

54. Where did you . . . . . in 2010?
a. Lives
b. Alive
c. Living
d. Lived

55. Yoga . . . . . his car 3 days ago
a. Sold
b. Sell
c. Selling
d. Sells

Kunci Jawaban:

three. c. Were
4. b. Did
v. b. Was
6. c. Collection
seven. c. Stock-still
viii. c. Took
9. d. Did
10. d. Had
11. c. Was

12. b. Cooked
thirteen. a. Swept
14. b. Walked
15. a. Ate
16. c. Slept
17. d. Loved
18. c. Cutting
xix. b. Did
20. c. Read
21. c. Walked
22. b. Studied

23. a. Taught
24. b. Brought
25. b. Was
26. c. Know
27. a. Was non
28. c. Went
29. a. Yesterday
xxx. d. Was
31. c. Was
32. b. Was
33. c. Spend

34. c. Report
35. d. Were
36. c. Went
37. a. Listened
38. c. Met
39. d. Finished
40. c. Read
41. a. Didn’t
42. c. Did
43. b. Chosen
44. d. Concord

45. b. Worked
46. c. Lose
47. b. Wrote

48. a. Got upwards
49. b. Talked
fifty. b. Drew

51. c. Was
52. a. Invited

53. b. Went

54. b. Live
55. a. Sold

I to the School Alone Yesterday

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