Archive Dm Domain_6

Archive Dm Domain_6


Renamed Adwords to Google Ads


Removed Adwords Country Based Information Points
Land based data points (DE, The states, U.k.) are not possible anymore.
The global search book information volition withal be available.


Removed Adwords Category Filter
The new google ads api doesn’t provide a categorization model anymore.


Stock-still the wikipedia import


Adwords search volume information (search volume, competition, cpc)
The adwords api is gone now and the google ads api replacement does non provide the same features. At the moment it looks like I’m able to keep providing global search volume data, all the same the country based data points (DE, US, Great britain) are not possible anymore and will be removed. There is also no categorization model, and then the “Adwords Products & Services Category” will also be removed.

2022-05-04 shut downward May 1, 2022
At the moment the top 1m sites file all the same exists and is updated daily. It is expected that this volition work until
Dec 2022, notwithstanding it might shut down earlier. The column was removed from the default column list. You can still add information technology to your list using the column manager.


Deleted and Awaiting Delete .ai Domains
You can now notice .ai domains in the pending delete list and there is likewise a deleted .ai list. .ai domains only drop in one case per calendar month. At the cease of the month they are auctioned and around the 5 or half-dozen of the next month they drop.

Baca Juga :   Nama Benda Huruf H


New Page: Domain Lists – When are they updated?
On the domain list page, yous can find out when a domain list is usually updated (what hr). Click on the domain list to come across when new domains where added to the list in the last 10 days.
All hours are in UTC.


Changed more column sorting (default-value last)
Dmoz, Yaca, SRUSR, MMGR, WBY and ABY now ever put the default value at the lesser of the listing.


Changed the style default values are handled in sorting (for alexa as a test)
For the alexa column the default value 0 would e’er be at the top if you sort past alexa (small is better). The old way of fixing this effect was to simply filter out all 0 values before sorting.
The new solution is to put all default values e’er at the lesser of the list when sorted by the column. This way you tin can sort by alexa and still see all domains you lot selected (0 values always at the bottom).

If you want to use the quondam mode, you can utilise the “simply with Alexa Rank” filter. There are more columns with this default value upshot. I will switch the solution for these as well, if the alexa test works out. Let me know if yous encounter an issue with this.

Archive Dm Domain_6