Berapa 1 Pcs

Berapa 1 Pcs

Good Free Software for PCs

Once in a while, you tin become a free lunch and proficient quality free software as well. Here’south a quick list of a few useful software products for PCs that are just that — costless.


Software aimed for use with PCs goes back a while, starting in the early on 1990s and even earlier. Back then, near PC software was designed for use in a DOS surroundings, rather than the Windows operating system that is familiar with users today. You might have older DOS games or other software you lot’d similar to apply again merely, unfortunately, DOS software isn’t natively supported in Windows any longer. However, you lot tin can run older DOS programs within modern Windows using the DOSBox emulator. With the right software, it’s fifty-fifty potentially possible to run older 16-bit Windows programs within a 64-flake modern operating organization. In that location’southward a bit of a learning curve, but it does work well, and DOSBox offers extensive documentation to help users. Plus, information technology’s costless.

Do you desire to go along a close heart on your computer’s performance or check on your calculator’due south internal temperatures, like the temperature of your processor or graphics processing unit (GPU) card? Open Hardware Monitor can be a terrific tool for tasks like these and many more. It runs quietly in the groundwork while you work, Information technology’due south easy to use, and it’s free.

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is a powerful — and gratuitous — desktop version of the popular Google Earth serial that installs onto your reckoner equally a standalone software production rather than running within an Internet browser. Google Earth Pro allows you to view satellite imagery from but about any location on the planet and ground-level views from many populated places. You lot can also view photos of specific locations from other users. Explore the world without leaving your desk — or have fun seeing your own town from above.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe invented the PDF file format for digital documents in the 1990s, and the format has since become a standard across many types of computers. There are many ways to view PDF files — including right in some web browsers — simply Adobe’s own free Acrobat Reader DC is an excellent option for viewing, commenting and signing digital documents in the PDF format.

Dropbox Desktop App

Dropbox is an online service that makes it piece of cake to salvage and share files in a deject environment. While information technology’s possible to use Dropbox right in a web browser, the free Dropbox Desktop application software runs right on your computer and can aid make working with Dropbox a little simpler, allowing users to maneuver files in a way more similar to their estimator’s native operating system. Note, notwithstanding, that the service offers both paid and gratis versions.

Berapa 1 Pcs