Opentype Vs Truetype

Opentype Vs Truetype

50+ Best Tattoo Fonts & Lettering 2022

Many designers now employ tattoo lettering fonts to give an creative hand-fatigued look to their designs. In this mail service, we bring you a fix of tattoo fonts y’all can use with your own design projects to create that aforementioned unique effect.

The inconsistent, stylish, and decorative designs of the tattoo fonts assist give a personalized look to diverse types of digital and impress designs, including flyers, posters, social media posts, and even greeting cards. Information technology’due south a great way to add an accurate feel to your designs to make them look similar you’ve mitt-crafted it yourself.

Nosotros’ve gathered a collection of the best tattoo fonts with all sorts of designs and decorative styles (as well every bit tips for choosing a tattoo font). Whether y’all’re looking for a font to design a artistic business organisation carte du jour, a affiche, or fifty-fifty working on a real tattoo design, you’ll detect enough of choices on this list.

Peak Pick

Chicano – Tattoo Style Font

Chicano - Tattoo Style Font

Chicano is a fashionable font that comes with a design inspired by archetype tattoo designs. It features a set of characters with creative curves and waves that makes the entire font look quite amazing.

The font also features both uppercase and lowercase letters with lots of ligatures besides as alternates and swashes for the lowercase letters.

Why This Is A Top Pick

The elegant and classical pattern of this font is the reason why it’s on superlative of our list. This font tin be used in diverse designs ranging from tattoos to posters, flyers, and more as well.

Aihet Script – Blackletter Tattoo Font

Aihet Script - Blackletter Tattoo Font

Blackletter lettering design is common among tattoo fonts. This font also comes with a blackletter typeface design but with a look that’s perfect for tattoo art style projects. Especially for crafting vintage labels and badges. The font comes with lots of alternates and ligatures besides.

Acuentre – Vintage Tattoo Font

Acuentre - Vintage Tattoo Font

Acuentre is another elegant tattoo font that comes with a classic vintage design. This font is a great choice for all kinds of tattoo-mode designs as well as Victorian-era design projects. The font includes ligatures and ornaments for calculation stylistic characters.

Puerto – Playful Tattoo Font

Wanting a fun and playful tattoo font? Look no further than Puerto. It’s a happy and cheerful typeface suitable for a wide range of purposes including logos, posters, t-shirts, brochures, advertisements, and other branding materials.

Fasigeko – Modern Blackletter Font

Fasigeko is one of the most accurate and bold tattoo lettering fonts that volition help you stand out in your creative endeavors. It comes with alternates, ligatures, multilingual support and a smorgasbord of other super amazing features.

Battom Celebrity – Free Retro Blackletter Font

Modeled after the chicano culture and street art, Battom Glory is a free typeface with a bold and unique aesthetic. Its a great option for tattoo designs but besides works well for logos, headlines, signage, t-shirts and posters. A aureate standard in the world of the best tattoo lettering fonts.

Carpellon – Creative Tattoo Font

Next up, we have Carpellon, 1 of the best tattoo fonts that combine art and dazzler and has an aesthetic that is hard to have eyes off. It has a dainty curvy design, and comes with ornaments, and alternates, and supports multi-languages.

Starella – Free Tattoo Script Font

Simply as the name suggests, Starellela is a beautiful tattoo script font that comes busy in starry diamonds in each alphabetic character. It likewise comes in a regular version, offers a range of numbers and symbols, and supports almost all Latin-European languages.

Rajjah Familia – Blackletter Font Family

Rajjah Familia - Blackletter Font Family

This is a family of modern fonts featuring blackletter designs. This font comes with multiple font weights featuring gothic designs inspired by the 17th century. It comes with 4 typefaces featuring calorie-free to assuming variants.

Santiago – Blackletter Tattoo Font

Santiago - Blackletter Tattoo Font

Santiago is a classic blackletter tattoo font that’s perfect for various signage and label designs. It comes with lots of ornaments for making your blueprint look actress artistic and attractive. It includes multilingual back up too.

Justify – Complimentary Layered Tattoo Font

Justify - Layered Tattoo Font

Justify is a beautiful font with a layered a tattoo-way lettering design. This font is free to download and it’s perfect for a unproblematic blueprint project or personal use.

Historic – Tattoo Lettering Font

tattoo font

Historic is an outstanding tattoo letting font that will really separate your designs from the crowd. Information technology comes with majuscule characters, numerals, punctuation, and multilingual back up. Cheque it out at present.

Bad Luck – Tattoo Font

tattoo font

Dorsum luck is an former-school tattoo font that will aid you create standout lettering designs with ease. It’s an excellent contender for your greenbacks, and yous must consider adding information technology to your lettering toolkit.

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Huntly – Blackletter Font

tattoo font

If you lot’re looking for an incredibly unique and distinct tattoo font, Huntly is right up your alley. Use it to give a stylish, and chic look to your lettering designs.

Aniques – Luxury Tattoo Font

tattoo font

Aniques is a cute tattoo font that exudes luxury, and opulence. Employ information technology confidently to elevate your designs, and be set up to be wowed by the event generated. Don’t hesitate to take this amazing typeface for a spin.

Othelie – Gothic Tattoo Font

tattoo font

Othelie is a assuming and beautiful tattoo font sporting an eye-catching gothic manner. It’due south a perfect typeface fora. variety of projects including logos, labels, headings, posters, flyers. banners, and more.

Alevattros – Cursive Tattoo Font

Alevattros - Cursive Tattoo Font

Alevattros is a creative tattoo font that comes with a cursive script layout. This font is perfect for designing modern signage, labels, and even logos. The font includes alternate characters, ligatures, and multilingual support.

Hornbuckle – Vintage Tattoo Font

Hornbuckle - Vintage Tattoo Font

This vintage-style tattoo font features lots of alternative characters and extras. Information technology’south ideal for crafting labels, especially for archetype beverage and beer brands. The font also includes glyphs and multilingual support as well.

Carlos Barker – Vintage Victorian Font

Carlos Barker - Vintage Victorian Font

Another mod tattoo-way font featuring a vintage Victorian-era themed design. This font is perfect for all kinds of vintage design projects. It comes with enough of ligatures, alternate characters, and international characters.

Young Heart – Free Tattoo Font

Young Heart - Free Tattoo Font

Young Middle is a beautiful tattoo font you can apply for free with personal and commercial projects. Information technology comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters besides as all punctuation and symbols.

Afterkilly – Gratis Blackletter Tattoo Font

Afterkilly - Free Blackletter Tattoo Font

Another complimentary blackletter font you tin use with your personal projects. This font comes with a unique design that’s ideal for making posters and labels. Information technology also includes capital letter and lowercase letters.

Dayles – Script Tattoo Font

Dayles - Script Tattoo Font

This mod tattoo font features a script-mode lettering design that volition permit you lot to create more fashionable designs for creative projects as well as professional designs, including tattoos. It includes capital and lowercase letters with swashes, ligatures, and more.

Familia – Tattoo Lettering Font

Familia - Tattoo Lettering Font

Familia is a font fabricated specifically for crafting tattoo designs. Of course, y’all tin can use it to make other types of designs as well. The font comes in OpenType and TrueType versions every bit well equally with lots of stylistic alternates and swashes.

American Traditional – Tattoo Font

American Traditional - Tattoo Font

This beautiful and minimalist tattoo font features a artistic design inspired past traditional American tattoos, which will add an extra unique touch to your designs. All of the letters in this font are hand-crafted and comes in 2 weights.

Black Jack – Script and Serif Tattoo Font

Black Jack Script and Serif

Black Jack is a modern vintage font that comes with a stylish tattoo inspired blueprint. It has a assuming attractive look that volition make the text on your designs look like a label from an old packaging. The font as well includes 400 glyphs and alternating characters as well.

Gibrael – Tattoo Script Font

Gibrael - Tattoo Font

Gibrael is a tattoo script font with an artistic handwritten design. This font is perfect for designing greeting cards, logos, and even business cards. It comes with 600 glyphs and lots of alternating characters for creating unique designs of your own.

Logawa – Complimentary Script Tattoo Font

Logawa - Free Script Tattoo Font

Logawa is a modern script-style tattoo font y’all can use to craft creative tattoos as well as various other designs. The font comes in 4 unlike styles and it’s available in TrueType and OpenType formats.

Millennium – Free Blackletter Typeface

Millennium - Free Blackletter Typeface

Millennium is a mod blackletter font you can besides utilise as a tattoo font to create futuristic designs. The font comes with capital and lowercase letters likewise every bit lots of symbols.

Psalta – Tattoo Font

Psalta - Tattoo Font

Psalta is a tattoo mode blackletter font that features a narrow design for creating stylish titles and headlines in your posters, flyers, and T-shirt designs. The font includes several weights that allow you choose from hairline thin to heavy bold. As a bonus, you’ll as well go a Cyrillic character gear up and Ornamental weight versions of the font.

inuTattoo Script – Tattoo Font

inuTattoo Script - Tattoo Font

But as the name suggests, this font besides comes with a design that’s inspired by the popular swirl tattoo designs. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols. You tin use the font to pattern posters, flyers, and greeting cards.

Wildcats – Vintage Tattoo Font

Wildcats - Vintage Tattoo Font

Wildcats is a vintage calligraphy style tattoo font y’all can utilize to craft titles in your posters, flyers, badges, labels, and more. The font comes with multilingual support for 17 different languages forth with 453 glyphs and lots of alternating characters.

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If you’re looking to merchandise your tattoo artwork or lettering, yous could try trendy option, turning your designs into stickers, patches, and pins! If you are a designer and want to start your own business, and so we’d recommend using a custom service — a site like,, or, which accept their own factories. The advantage of working directly with the factory is that you volition get the lowest cost compared to the middleman. You tin upload your artwork, and plow it into whatsoever product meets your needs.

La Forest – Tattoo Font

La Forest - Tattoo Font

Featuring a retro design the La Forest font comes with a creative design that will make your designs stand up out from the crowd. The font includes iv different styles, including regular, grunge, inline, and inline grunge.

Goliath – Tattoo Manner Brandish Font

Goliath - Tattoo Style Display Font

Goliath is another unique retro tattoo style font that also comes in four different styles. The font is perfect for designing vintage-themed posters, flyers, and even business cards. The fashionable decorative blueprint of the font volition give a Victorian-era expect to your designs besides.

Rowan & Regal – Complimentary Blackletter Tattoo Font

Rowan & Royal - Free Blackletter Tattoo Font

This free blackletter font is also a slap-up selection for integrating a tatoo style championship or making a logo for your casual brand. You can use information technology for free with your personal and commercial projects.

Shanthika – Free Tattoo-Style Script Font

Shanthika - Free Tattoo-Style Script Font

Shanthika is a beautiful gratuitous script font that also features an elegant tattoo-similar character design. It’southward platonic for designing minimal tattoo-style designs for mod brands.

Moyers – Vintage Tattoo Font

Moyers - Vintage Tattoo Font

Moyers is a tattoo font that comes with a vintage design. It features an artistic design with decorative lines and edges to assist you create unique and attractive titles, headers, and text in posters, T-shirt designs, and labels.

Star – Creative Tattoo Font

Star - Creative Tattoo Font

This creative tattoo font comes in 8 different styles, including grunge, inline, and bold versions of the font. Information technology features a unique retro blueprint that will remind you lot of film posters from the 1930s. Which makes it perfect for vintage-themed design projects.

Sandreas – Retro Tattoo Font

Sandreas - Retro Tattoo Font

This font has the wait and feel of a classic vintage font right out of the 1950s. It’southward suitable for all kinds of design works, including characterization designs, packaging, badges, and posters. The font will make your design look one of a kind.

Glaive – Modern Tattoo Font

Glaive - Modern Tattoo Font

Glaive is a modern display font that features many characteristics of a tattoo font, including decorative edges and a bold blueprint. The font includes all-uppercase messages, numbers, and lots of alternate characters.

De Arloy – New Art Tattoo Font

De Arloy - New Art Tattoo Font

De Arloy is a vintage art nouveau font that also has a tattoo style elements in its design. The font features a design inspired by the signs and posters from the 1890-1910s. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters every bit well every bit ligatures and alternates.

Ropstone – Free Tattoo Blackletter Font

Ropstone - Free Tattoo Blackletter Font

This creative gratis blackletter font features a tattoo-way pattern that allows you to create various title and characterization designs. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters every bit well.

Arlington – Free Layered Tattoo Font

Arlington - Free Layered Tattoo Font

Arlington is a vintage-themed tattoo font that comes with a pattern inspired by the Victorian-era. The font is perfect for characterization and badge designs. Information technology’s free to use with your personal projects.

Flathead – Artistic Tattoo Font

Flathead - Creative Tattoo Font

Flathead is a creative serif font that comes with a tattoo inspired pattern. The font comes in iii different styles, serif, decorative, and regular. Information technology’southward perfect for designing posters, greeting cards, and signage.

Gatsby – ArtDeco Tattoo Font

Gatsby - ArtDeco Tattoo Font

Inspired by the retro elements from the iconic 1925 book, this art deco font comes with a creative blueprint that will give your designs an authentic expect. The font features five dissimilar styles, including grunge, inline, and outline.

The Crow – Vintage Way Tattoo Font

The Crow - Vintage Style Tattoo Font

The Crow is a unique font with a decorative design. Information technology includes eight dissimilar styles of the font featuring grunge, shadow, and inline. The create decorations in each of this font’s messages will make your designs stand out from the crowd.

Sarcastic – Tattoo Font

Sarcastic - Tattoo Font

If you’re looking for a tattoo style font to design a badge, logo, or a label, so this font will come in handy. Sarcastic is a brandish font that’southward been inspired by vintage posters and it has a unique tattoo feel to information technology also.

Artzopo – Creative Tattoo Font

Artzopo - Creative Tattoo Font

Artzopo is a artistic handmade font that features a blueprint inspired by the 1970s. Information technology includes both uppercase and lowercase letters as well every bit numbers and punctuations.

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Lemonade – Creative Script Tattoo Font

Lemonade - Creative Script Tattoo Font

Lemonade is a script font with a tattoo inspired design that comes with a unique and attractive pattern. The font is platonic for designing posters, banners, and T-shirts. Information technology includes 5 vintage vector badges in AI and PSD format as a bonus as well.

The Salvador – Retro Tattoo Font

The Salvador - Retro Tattoo Font

The Salvador font has a truly vintage await that will remind you of vintage signage and posters from the erstwhile-school movies. The font includes 4 styles: Base, shadow, inline, and dotted inline.

Oatmeal Jack – Artistic Font

Oatmeal Jack - Creative Font

This unique font comes with a hand-lettered design that too makes it a great choice for creating tattoo themed posters, headers, and greeting card designs. The font is available in script and serif versions.

Enchanted State – Serif Decorative Font

Enchanted Land - Serif Decorative Font

This font features many of the characteristics and elements of a creative tattoo way design. Information technology’s perfect for designing titles in your posters, flyers, and fifty-fifty social media posts. It includes lots of ligatures and alternates too.

Bandito – Script Tattoo Font

tattoo font

Introducing of our new product the name Bandito fonts. Bandito includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, a big range of punctuation and ligatures. All lowercase letters include ending swashes and alternative font.

Ambrosia – Blackletter Font

tattoo font

Ambrosia is a unique, vintage blackletter font with victorian style. This typeface will wait truly outstanding in a broad range of contexts.

Avestrava – Tattoo Font

Avestrava Tattoo font

This font is a family of messages from Avestrava. This fourth dimension the tattoo way is more than gothic than Avestrava Regular which tends to be formal. Of class, it volition be very suitable for your tattoo studio business organisation, such as for making a logo or tattoo design.

Bradwick – Sailor Tattoo Font

BRADWICK - Sailor Tattoo Font

With vintage-looking, and what tattoo artists use to brand a classic retro-looking inking, Bradwick is elevation-notch font for making one. Arrange perfectly for Sailor tattoo theme graphics, poster, movie title, fast nutrient card, mag, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers, and and so on…

Wave Nautical Tattoo Font

Wave Nautical Font

Honey sea shanties? Mermaids? How virtually retro fonts, or tattoo fonts with a sailor flare? Then you might relish this nautical font with a impact of vintage font flare. It’s all caps with two variations: upper case messages are filled and lower case letters have a cut out variation.

v Tips for Choosing a Tattoo Font

Tattoo fonts are non just fonts made for designing tattoos. They are commonly used in various designs to craft logos, poster titles, labels, and more. These tips will help you lot find the right font that matches your project.

1. Await for the Curves

Rumble Tattoos - Tattoos Typeface

If there’s i affair common with all tattoo fonts that’s the stylistic curves. Tattoo fonts almost always come in serif style as it allows the designer to go wild with the curves. Mixing those curves with inconsistent graphic symbol shapes gives birth to a tattoo font.

2. Blackletter Fonts Also Works

Black Cameo font

Tattoo fonts and blackletter fonts have a shut relationship in terms of their fashion of character design. If yous desire to endeavour a unique approach with your pattern, you should consider mixing tattoo and blackletter fonts in your blueprint to make information technology wait original and creative. Your client won’t exist able to tell the departure.

iii. Pick the Right Manner


While tattoo fonts e’er stick to serif font blazon, they come in various styles and themes. For example, at that place are script style tattoo fonts too as fonts fabricated inspired by vintage theme blueprint. Depending on the blazon of pattern and brand you lot’re working on, you should think about picking a font with the correct mode.

4. Script vs Display Tattoo Fonts

Black Angela - Tattoo Font

Since tattoo fonts are rarely used to design torso and paragraph text, the most common types of tattoo fonts are script and display. Script style tattoo fonts feature much wider and longer curves while display tattoo fonts have more stylistic serifs. Both styles tin be used to pattern titles and sub-headings in diverse types of designs.

5. Exist Assuming

Vanderink font

Chances are, if y’all’re looking for a tattoo font, y’all’re working on a project related to a casual brand or an amusement-related project. So don’t hold back on creativity. When choosing a font, cull one with a assuming pattern that stands out. In fact, that’s the whole point of using tattoo fonts.

Check out our monogram fonts and paw lettering fonts collections for more tattoo-mode font inspiration.

Opentype Vs Truetype