Verb 3 Perform

Verb 3 Perform


transitive verb




[+part, slice, song, dance]


this play was start performed in 411 BC

a grouping of teenagers will perform a play they wrote and produced

one afternoon we went to see a play performed at the Edith Wharton firm

the company was prepared to build, rehearse, and perform a new piece of work

students perform excerpts from Shakespeare’s works

this production of Aida was performed over thirty times in 2 years

it meant a lot to her to have her music performed here

significó mucho para ella el que interpretaran su música aquí

they will perform the consummate symphonies of Beethoven

she will perform a series of sonatas by Mozart

ejecutará varias sonatas de Mozart

Gardiner has pursued relentlessly high standards in performing classical music

the Boston Symphony Orchestra volition perform a limerick past Pablo Hass

Pavarotti performed that song once again during this operation in Rome

she stands with her class to perform a vocal in front of a schoolhouse associates

he performed for them a [trip the light fantastic] of his native Samoa

(comport out)

[+task, experiment, feat]

llevar a cabo;

[+operation, autopsy]

llevar a cabo;


cumplir con;

[+function, role]


[+rite, ritual, ceremony]




he was unable to perform elementary tasks such as sitting upwards

the data the estimator needs to perform the task

I had no doubts about her ability to perform the task

we’re looking for people of all ages who have performed outstanding acts of bravery, kindness or backbone

experiments are performed on animals, normally rats or mice

tests were performed to measure levels of antibody to the toxoplasma

he was performing surreptitious experiments for the military

They were function of a long serial of experiments performed past a team headed by Montague Ullman

he performed a simple experiment in front of the camera

conspicuously no one would wish to perform similar experiments with human beings

The 7 astronauts will perform experiments on a collection of rats and jellyfish

they would perform tests on hardware and software and award some grade of certification

we take performed tests on this substance in our laboratories

statistical tests were performed to ascertain whether the variables influence this blazon of merchandise

many doctors are no longer performing abortions

most 200 heart operations a year are performed at the Brook Hospital

they cannot perform surgery without the patient’southward consent

circumcision is reputed to be /the most commonly performed surgery in American hospitals/

doctors who test positive for AIDS may perform surgery without revealing that fact to patients

HIV-positive health care workers would be required to inform their patients or finish performing surgery

the decision to perform this surgery is often based on your age

the queen receives an annual fee of $12 1000000 for performing her duties

they still felt they had to aid their husbands perform the public and social duties that the host land expected

company plans to permit lower-skilled mechanics to perform sure duties could jeopardize public safety

the organization no longer has a useful function to perform

she performed all the functions of the traditional wife

a circuitous engine has many carve up components, each performing a unlike role

its ability to perform a useful role in securing a peaceful settlement of the dispute

capital is productive either past replacing labor or by performing a function that humans are incapable of

the radio was placed in such a manner that its aeriform could perform its part

one might have dialed for the operator to perform this role

nuclear weapons therefore perform a dual part in warfighting strategies

schools perform an essential function

many doctors are no longer performing abortions

nearly 200 centre operations a year are performed at the Brook Hospital

her enthusiasm had begun to cool soon after the wedding ceremony was performed

a huge crowd turned up to watch her perform the launching anniversary

six was the traditional number of monks necessary for a proper ordination: three to perform the ceremony with the candidate and three to act as witnesses

the ceremony was performed at the same time in 19 countries

the holy burn down ceremony was performed every bit early on as 1000 in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

the food could not be tasted until the appropriate rites had been performed

this ritual is performed every year at the summer equinox

West African rituals of Yoruba tradition, performed on sacred bata drums

at age 12 he performed a feat even seasoned pianists would cramp at – he played both Chopin piano concertos in the same concert

he watched another shaman perform an amazing feat of psychic surgery

we were expected to perform miracles on a tiny budget

/I don’t promise to perform any miracles/ but the room will certainly look a lot ameliorate than it does at the moment

how he performed these miracles nobody ever quite knew

people tend to be frightened of hypnosis or expect it to perform miracles

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they performed a dandy service to their state

prestaron un gran servicio a su país;

to perform surgery
an operation on sb

operar a algn;
practicar una operación quirúrgica a algn

the surgeon was reluctant to perform the operation on someone so young

to perform a [service]

mortgage companies maintain that they are performing a useful service

the company pays individuals to perform such services as coaching or recruiting

individual businesses can produce goods and perform services cheaper and more efficiently than the public sector

employees often had to perform such services for complimentary

a lawyer was engaged in performing legal services primarily for insurance companies

the services he performed as her lawyer

intransitive verb


[+entertainer, actor]




[+orchestra, pop grouping]






[+trained animate being]

hacer trucos;
realizar trucos

we had to perform on a temporary phase

Elaine felt as if she were performing in a play

when he performs he tries to go the character he is playing

I’m not performing this time

she would like to render to performing

a professional person trumpet player, who spent 40 years performing in smoky jazz clubs

the identify where musicians would get together to perform for the gentry

he rarely performs because his hands are potent with arthritis

/the band volition be performing live/ at the Market Hall on xv Apr

when we performed in Seville

to perform [on] the violin

she began performing regularly equally a solo artist in the early on seventies

he began performing in the early fifties, singing and playing guitar

he earned his living performing in clubs and pubs

he remembered a teenaged ballerina he’d seen perform in the Paris Ballet

now a Russian troupe gets on stage to perform

/they recall he will never perform once more/ afterwards this leg injury

Cossack dancers performing for tourists

they trained the dolphins to perform for the crowds

the seals would simply perform if they were rewarded with food

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he performed brilliantly as Hamlet

interpretó brillantemente el papel de Hamlet;
se lució en el papel de Hamlet;

the ring will be performing live

el grupo actuará
tocará en concierto

Status Quo among other bands will perform live

so instead of performing in concert halls in Vienna and Amsterdam, the orchestra found itself in high school auditoriums in Sedalia and Hannibal

and performing for united states tonight on the violin is Rebecca Hunt

y esta noche Rebecca Chase nos tocará el violín

(respond, behave)

[+vehicle, auto]


[+team, athlete, horse]


[+investment, shares]


[+metallic, cloth]



(exist productive)




the automobile was performing brilliantly

a car that looks good, performs well, seldom breaks downwards, and can be repaired cheaply and chop-chop is obviously a great motorcar

I’ve got to get to grips with a new automobile, a heavier car, the mode the engine performs.

how’s the motorcar been performing lately?

the donor eye was not performing well at all

the cycle as well performs well off-route

England performed well against France at Wembley

the car is not performing properly

when in that location’s snow and ice, how’s this automobile going to perform?

he claimed that the missile did non perform properly

how does the metal perform under pressure?

how did the company perform last year?

¿qué resultados dio la empresa el año pasado?

the company performed well despite the harsh economic climate

the party performed abysmally at the last election

el partido obtuvo unos resultados pésimos en las últimas elecciones

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when pushed, people can perform beyond their own expectations

although she had never been interviewed on Television receiver earlier, she performed well

he performed well at school

rendía en los estudios

teachers are trained and so that they volition exist able to perform effectively in the classroom

he did not perform very well in his exams

no obtuvo muy buenos resultados en los exámenes;
los exámenes no le salieron muy bien

he was non happy most the way his troops performed on the battlefield

it is very important that you choose a alimony fund which performs well

upwards until yesterday, /US stock markets had performed well/ since the presidential election

the Brazil Savings and Pensions Fund has been performing excellently

/the shares have performed poorly/, hitting 43p before this year

he thought state-owned industries would e’er perform poorly

a spate of movies that opened well just then did not perform especially well

Selfridges is performing well enough despite dwindling tourists

how did he perform?

our economy has been performing well recently

últimamente, nuestra economía ha estado produciendo buenos resultados

(go to toilet)

[+child, canis familiaris]

hacer sus menesteres

her parents would sit down her on the potty and wait for her to perform



is there something missing in our sexual routine? are you worried well-nigh performing?

he said he couldn’t perform at the signal of a gun

Verb 3 Perform