0 8 Jam

0 8 Jam

Tewi's dreams are an enigma best left to professionals

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This fourth dimension once again, nosotros’re using a participant submitted theme;

The Theme is Dreams / Dreaming

Create a game outside of reality, comprehend the ability of dreams!

Dream visits to Gensokyo? Return of Mima? The possibilities are endless!

This Jam has concluded!
Our winners are:

By Category:

All-time Gameplay
– Touhou Dream Runner
Best Concept
– Renko has as well much fun drawing on poor dreaming Maribel’southward confront
Best Visuals
– Koishie’s Berigoo Adventure
Best Audio
– Touhou Dream Runner
All-time Story/Writing
– Toohoo: Fish-ception!
Best Challenge
– Fishy Dreams
Best Apply of Theme
– The Royal Middle Paradox


5th Place
– Touhou Lucid Witch
4th Place
– Cirno’s Perfect Punchout
3rd Place
– Renko has too much fun cartoon on poor dreaming Maribel’due south face up
2d Identify
– Fishy Dreams

And, our 1st Place Winner:
Touhou Dream Runner

Thank you lot everyone who participated in the event, delight hang out with us on ourTwitterorDiscord serverfor data on future events.

Most the jam:

Touhou Project is a series of 2nd bullet hell (or “danmaku”) games from Japan that has become widely dear due to serial creator ZUN’south loose policy on creating derivative works. Thanks to this, the fanbase has been able to create all sorts of interesting and high quality fanworks: including games, song covers, fine art, fics, and much more. We gloat this by regularly hosting a game jam for Touhou fans to come together in friendly contest and create their ain games based off the series.

We’ve hosted this game jam over five times before, in addition to our other community events, y’all can check out our past events: ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, vi,  7,  (nine)-Jam, PrideJam2, PrideJam3, Touhou Station, Touhou Station 2 )

If yous’d like to participate (particularly if you need a squad), we recommend yous join our Discord server: a Touhou-centric gamedev hub where you can hash out and bear witness off Touhou fangames. The Discord has chat channels for the jam as well, including squad-forming. You tin can also follow us on Twitter  and Tumblr for more updates and to help spread the jam!

For those unfamiliar, a game jam is a contest where participants are given a “theme” to piece of work off of and then given a brief period of fourth dimension (usually a couple days) to create a game,from scratch, based effectually that theme. All skill levels and areas of expertise are welcome, and members can work either in teams or individually to submit a game by the deadline.

After the contest is done, anyone interested can play the submitted games and vote on what they recollect are the best entries. After a period of voting, a winner will be announced. Categories to vote for include: Best Overall (1st, second, and third), Best Gameplay, All-time Concept, Best Visuals, Best Audio, Most Challenging (for Fair challenge), All-time Writing/Story, and Best Utilise of Theme.

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  • All created content must follow ZUN’s guidelines on creating derivative content of Touhou. Most importantly this includesnot using assets from the official Touhou games.
  • You may steal/modify assets from other sourcessimply
    if you are immune
    to use them not-commercially. (Or are otherwise explicitly licensed to do so)
  • You may use resources such as graphics, sounds and scripts that were made prior to the jam, as long every bit the bulk of your work takes identify during and for this Jam.
  • Your entry must be based off the Touhou universe to some degree.
  • Your entry must exist free to play at the time of submission.
  • Go on it SFW.
  • You tin work in a team or as an individual.
  • If at a later date you want to expand upon your game and sell it, you do then at your own risk and should abide past ZUN’s guidelines.
  • Feel free to contact us on our Discord Serverif you take any questions. Be Fabled.

How to participate and submit a game:

  • To participate, just create an itch.io account and striking the big Join push button up pinnacle. You can do so at any indicate earlier or during the jam.
  • One time the jam starts, y’all can submit your game at whatsoever signal before the deadline using the Submit button. The website will then walk you through the process of submitting your game.


That’southward a pretty wide theme, where do I commencement?
 Consider maybe using adjacent words, such as sleeping or fantasy, or leaning into Touhou’s iconic dream related grapheme Doremy and her ongoing hijinks. This is a particularly open theme, we’re hoping you have some good inspiration for it.

What kind of game can I make?
 Any kind yous desire! As long as it’s a fan game of Touhou, the sky is the limit. You can make a game that’due south gameplay-oriented or story-oriented. You can get for elementary art or circuitous visuals. Whatever floats your creative boat.

How does my game have to chronicle to Touhou?
 Every bit a fan game, your game is expected to borrow from the intellectual property in the Touhou series, meaning you should be including characters, locations, lore, or anything else from the from the official Touhou universe in your game.Simply do non steal assets from the official Touhou games themselves. Y’all’re not restricted to but characters/locations/etc. from Touhou, but it must exist included and by and large be the focus of your game’s setting and events. Your game does
 demand to be based off any gameplay from the Touhou games themselves. Making a bullet hell game is perfectly acceptable, but by no ways mandatory. You tin can create whatever type of game y’all think would be fun to play or fun to make.

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Exercise I have to make the whole matter  myself?
Nope! If you don’t want to piece of work lonely you can course teams with anyone you lot please and have any chore that suits your style. However, the game you submit must be made entirely by your team and within the jam catamenia. I recommend picking a team with a like timezone/sleep schedule then all of you lot are at least around at the same time.

Tin can I join multiple teams/games?
 I don’t see why not. Voting will be on the game submissions and non the participants, so you’ll technically increase your hazard of existence on a winning squad if you offer your talents to multiple games. Just keep in listen that of course means extra work, and since this is all just for fun anyway, there’south no demand to overexert yourself.

I’m new to this. What can I utilize to make my game?
 Y’all have lots of options for how to make a game. Even if you’re a total beginner, game engines tin can make it super easy to make something playable and fun. Some of them don’t even need you to write a line of code! Some popular engines include:

  • Unity – Good all-purpose all-around game evolution engine. Has a vast assortment of features for both 2D and 3D games, as well as a large customs with plenty of resource and tutorials. Too exports to all sorts of platforms and systems.
  • GameMaker – Popular with beginners or for unproblematic 2D or pixel games. Offers a scripting linguistic communication that’s easy to grasp, and even simpler elevate-and-drib logic if y’all want to avert writing code whatsoever.
  • Godot – A gratis and open source engine for 2D and 3D games. Includes a visual scripting system for beginner programmers, as well every bit a custom scripting language and C# Mono support for those who want to dive in.
  • RPG Maker – Elementary to utilise and programming-lite engine to make RPGs or RPG-like games. Many different versions of it are available. Great if you desire a game with movement and dialogue but don’t want to get all technical with code and stuff. Pop option for story-heavy games.
  • Ren’Py – Popular engine for creating visual novels. Uses easy-to-learn scripting so you can create interactive stories. Similar to RPG maker in ease-of-employ, except this one creates visual novels. Some other popular pick for story-heavy and fine art-heavy games.
  • Touhou Danmakufu – Relatively piece of cake-to-use danmaku game maker using a custom scripting language. Basically simply used for creating games that play just like the main Touhou games.
  • Unreal Engine – Very powerful and graphically capable engine that offers a visual schematic-based programming method in addition to C++. Oft used to make 3D and/or networked games that are skillful-looking.

If yous desire to use an engine such as these, I recommend you look up some tutorials and get some practice in with them earlier the jam starts. Merely enough so that you know the nuts, and one time the theme is announced you can jump right into it.

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What’s the theme going to be?
  Dissimilar most of our jams, we’re experimenting with choosing a theme based on submissions from the community. The theme for this jam is
Dreams,with the requirement to make a game that incorporates the thought of dreams in some style. How you incorporate information technology is up to you!

Does my game have to follow the theme?
 Your game doesn’t exactly need to involve the theme to be eligible, but it’s highly recommended for the sake of the sport. At that place will be a category during voting for best use of theme. Not simply that, but the theme is often a diving board for brainstorming ideas at the beginning of the jam. Since there are so many ideas and then many things you lot can make in a game, information technology’s squeamish to have an idea to start with. Restriction breeds creativity!

Just four days to brand a game? Any advice on how to manage this?
 It may seem daunting, but if y’all manage your time and plans well enough you can make something super fun! Hither’southward my have:

My virtually of import bit of communication is non to rely on making a giant, comprehensive game. For a game jam, you should focus on what the core mechanic/signal is of what you’re trying to make, and make that every bit good as you tin can, expanding upon it once you’re satisfied with it.

Don’t worry about perfecting every little thing either. If you spend half the jam fourth dimension polishing a single aspect of your game, you’ll likely terminate upwards not existence able to reach the full potential you imagined earlier the deadline. Also don’t be agape to change things upward midway through. You lot may notice out one of your game mechanics is way more fun than you lot thought, so why not focus on that instead? Just make sure yous have the fourth dimension remaining to modify things up.

Losing out on some sleep is common in game jams, but know that it comes at a price. If you pull an all-nighter the night before the deadline, you could very easily run out of free energy before your game is ready to exist submitted, so be careful. Also take breaks if you’re feeling out of it. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll probable have trouble taking care of your game and delivering for your team.

And most importantly: experiment, learn things, have information technology like shooting fish in a barrel, and have fun!

0 8 Jam

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