Last Weekend My Friends and I Went Camping

Last Weekend My Friends and I Went Camping

I’ve been wanting to share this story with someone for a while, but information technology’s too embarrassing to tell without being bearding. I’yard certain a lot of you guys volition notice this story hot or sexy, but I still shy away when anyone brings information technology up.

This happened virtually two years ago. I was a freshman girl in higher, and I already met a big group of friends. We all had only known each other a few months, as we were in our 2nd semester. The last Sabbatum before finals began nosotros decided to rent a cheap cottage on the embankment to party.


Everyone arrived late afternoon on Saturday. Including myself there were viii of united states. Six guys, two girls. I didn’t like many of the girls, and so I stuck to my group of guy friends, and the only other girl with us was my skilful friends Rachel.

We started drinking every bit soon as we got at that place, and past eight PM nosotros nosotros’re pretty drunk. I’m a lightweight, merely I drank more than that night than I ever had. Rachel and I had never hooked upwardly with any of the guys in our group before, and we really never talked nigh it. My friends’ nickname for me was Mousey, because I am kinda shy, a picayune serenity, and extremely petite. Similar 4’11”, 100 lbs. petite. Because of this, most of the guys in the group flirted with Rachel more. They would occasionally call me beautiful, adorable, etc., but nix more than that.

And then we drank, talked, and danced a petty until well-nigh ten p.m. I was and so drunk I broke out of my shy and quiet beat out, and was instead loud and making jokes. None of my friends had seen me like this and they were all having a blast. My friend Jake suggested we play flip loving cup. Without thinking, I blurted out request what the losing squad had to practice. Everyone kinda paused, so my other friend Mike shouted that the losers had to play the side by side game in their underwear. Fifty-fifty though I was boozer, I hesitated at the idea of being in my underwear effectually all my guy friends. No ane spoke up, and then it was agreed upon, to my reluctance.

At that place were three guys on each team—and Rachel and I on opposite teams, so it was four on four. The game came right downwardly to the last person, just sadly we lost. Equally soon as the other team finished, they started to chant: have information technology off, accept it off! I half-jokingly begged, maxim something like, “Pleaseeee practice I take to!?” And of form all the guys were saying I had to. I took my pinnacle off at showtime, and every guys face went directly to my boobs. They aren’t very big at all because I’m then modest, only at that place’s at least a fiddling something there. In example anyone is wondering, I’m a size 32 B. Then came the pants. Oh the pants.

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They were and then tight around me, and I was stumbling all over trying to pull them off, but they wouldn’t budge. 1 of the guys told me to sit on the couch and so he could pull them off for me. Already embarrassed, I sit. Soon there are iii guys yanking and pulling the legs of my pants, while another guy tries pulling my pants off from the waist. After a little fleck of a struggle they came off. What I didn’t know was they caught the elevation of underwear likewise, and as fast as the pants came off, and then did my undies.

Now imagine laying downward on a burrow with both legs in the air, and existence completely abysmal. Well, that was me. I didn’t even notice for a few seconds considering I was so drunk. One of the guys shouted something like, oh my God, she lost her underwear! That’due south when I noticed and pretty much died within. As I demanded my underwear back from the guy holding them he told me that I had the thickest bush he’s always seen. I’m so hairy downward there and I hadn’t shaved for a few weeks. As I put my underwear dorsum on, all my guy friends were trying to console me, telling me, don’t worry information technology’s non that bad, we’re all friends. Meanwhile my friend Rachel was dying, laughing at how funny the situation was.

The night went on, and considering I had been drinking more, I basically had forgotten about what had happened. I even started to express mirth about information technology. I was practically bragging about how lucky they were to see me with my pants off. At ane point I even said I’thousand not scared to be naked! All the guys immediately went quiet, and one of them said to testify it. This is when I realized what I had simply said. I tried to dorsum out, saying, “No not in front of my friends!” They of class fabricated chicken noises, and were just egging me on. Rachel even said jokingly, “Mousey almost cried when her undies vicious off,” laughing the unabridged time she spoke. Anybody was laughing along with her.

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To this twenty-four hour period I regretted my next decision so much. I still don’t know why I did it. Without thinking I took off everything. Every bit soon every bit the underwear came off I knew I had made a big mistake. I turned so blood-red and wanted to run abroad, but something wouldn’t let me. Every guy at once was commenting on my barrel, my boobs, etc. Than I started to telephone call everyone else a chicken. So afterward a little flake, nosotros were all completely naked and drunk in the cottage. It was the near embarrassing moment for me, but it was as well really surreal. So nosotros all ran out of the cottage and onto the beach, skinny dipping in the ocean. Rachel taking pictures and videos the entire time we were out there.

When we returned to the cottage, things got WAY too out of control and went Fashion besides fast. Everyone stayed naked and we sat effectually on the floor in a big circle. Everyone was sharing sex stories, and telling really personal details. Rachel and I fifty-fifty measured all their dicks to see who was the biggest. I’1000 so drunkard I felt like I didn’t intendance, but in the dorsum of my mind the whole time I was freaking out in embarrassment. Ane of the guys shouted out that he was horny, kind of in a joking, but half-serious mode. I got actually nervous by that bespeak, because I knew something was probably going to happen. So another one said nosotros should have some fun.

There were six guys and merely us 2 girls. Rachel and I looked at each other like, this is and then bad-mannered, but we could see it in each others’ eyes—we were both really horny as well. A few more than words were exchanged and the next thing I know Rachel is jerking off two of our guy friends at in one case, while a third is starting to finger her. I blurted out, “Oh my God! Guys this is and then weird! It’s like a porn video right now!” One of the other guys came closer to me and merely asked if I was horny. I didn’t actually respond to him, just kinda nodded a lilliputian and whispered that this felt weird. He started to play with my butt and boobs, and all the other guys were yelling out “Oh my God! Mousey!!” Merely then I turned and so cherry, but beingness touched too felt and so skillful. Than I felt a finger slip correct inside me. I permit out an uncontrollable moan, and all the guys stopped and just watched me. Even Rachel stopped. Three other guys came over, and at present I had iv of my friends squeezing, touching, and fingering me. One of them put me on my stomach and anybody started to grab my butt. So I was lifted just a little bit, then I was bent over on my knees, legs spread apart. I felt and then many fingers inside me from behind I was moaning and panting so much. I heard one of the guys say he could see my tiny asshole, and I went back to panicking. Just hearing that and knowing they were looking at information technology was so embarrassing. And then, before I could reposition myself, one of the guys stuck a finger inside it. I tightened up so much. This continued on for what seemed similar hours.

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It soon turned into me and Rachel being shared between all of our friends. They kept asking the whole fourth dimension if nosotros were okay with it, and truthfully we wanted it badly by then. All of our friends got to fuck united states of america both, and they all came on our bodies. We eventually all fell asleep that nighttime and awoke to everything that had only taken place the nighttime before. I was and then embarrassed and shy, simply all the guys were assuring u.s. information technology stayed betwixt our petty grouping. Every time I talk to my friends now I always picture that Sabbatum night. It went so fast and and so crazy almost of us still tin’t believe it happened.

Tl;Dr: Went to cottage on beach with friends, got naked and had big orgy, and still embarrassed about it all.

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Republished, with a footling editing, from r/gonewildstories with the permission of the author, u/Alexy910.

Last Weekend My Friends and I Went Camping