Sources of Electrical Energy That Can Be Discharged is

Sources of Electrical Energy That Can Be Discharged is

The UC Santa Barbara Free energy Isolation – Lockout/Tagout (EI-LOTO) Plan requires campus, field station personnel and contractors to implement rubber procedures when working on UCSB equipment or utility systems with one or more than energy sources. Because of the potential for injury from energy sources that operate equipment / utility systems, this program guides safe installation, ready-up, adjustment and maintenance work on equipment by isolating energy sources prior to commencing work.
The program is required past Cal/OSHA prophylactic regulations.

This EI-LOTO Programme is applied to ALL forms of potentially hazardous energy and is practical to every individual piece of equipment that has potentially hazardous free energy. The types of energy needing to be isolated include the
potential energy
(mechanical springs in tension or pinch, compressed gas cylinders, counter weights, etc.),
kinetic energy
(rotating flywheel, moving parts, rolling components, parked vehicles, etc.) and
utility free energy
(electricity, compressed air, steam, domestic water, etc.) that may be part of a detail machine or utility system. Such equipment may include edifice mechanical systems such as HVAC and air handlers, some larger experimental equipment that is hard wired or plumbed to building utility systems such every bit a Scanning Electron Microscope, an air compressor, a press press, some store equipment such equally a programmable milling motorcar, CNC equipment, woods-working equipment, powered cranes and other lift equipment, etc. It may even apply to equipment that can exist ‘unplugged’ but may have free energy potentially stored in the ‘unplugged’ equipment.

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This plan is applied prior to working on all types of equipment powered by ane or more energy sources, or whenever an equipment baby-sit is removed or safety interlock is bypassed, or whenever a person must identify whatever part of their body into potentially-operating equipment.

This program does Not apply to:

  • Modest tool changes, adjustments, and other small service activities that have identify during normal operations if they are routine, repetitive, and integral to the utilise of the equipment.
    (Example: Changing a drill bit on a drill press.)
  • Equipment that is isolated and made safe by merely unplugging an electrical string, compressed air hose, or another unmarried-source energy supply when the person working on the equipment has exclusive control over the connection to the energy source.

“Alive Work” or “Hot Work” on equipment that cannot exist close down and locked-out / tagged-out is immune past the program provided that:

  1. Department management demonstrates that continuity of service is essential, and
  2. Shutdown of the system is impractical, and
  3. Special equipment is provided along with specific standard operating procedures that are documented and followed that will provide effective protection for personnel.
    (Example: Work on certain life-sustaining equipment or utility lines.)

All three of the higher up criteria must be met earlier “Hot Piece of work” is permitted by police force. If they cannot be met, so EI-LOTO must be skilful. If the above criterion can be demonstrated by management, prior to conducting “Hot Work” contact EH&South Condom Engineering to review safe piece of work procedures in society to assist in developing adequate safeguards and “Hot Work” processes.

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Sources of Electrical Energy That Can Be Discharged is