Habitat Food Activity Characteristics Snake

Habitat Food Activity Characteristics Snake

Understanding animals is very tempting to be discussed, every animal in this world has a specific surroundings, the surroundings determines their (animals) feature, food, activities, and many more than. In this time, I am going to mention them (animals) for you, and their habitat, food, activities, and their characteristic.

Matter (Pembahasan)

1. Lion; they are crowned equally a king of the jungle, lions alive in an open desert, with their colonies, they take their food from a prey, subsequently killing their prey they take its flesh to be eaten. Lion has a huge mane which makes their wait stronger, but lioness doesn’t.

2. Wolf; wolf lives past edifice colony similar lion, but their habitat is not in the desert, they prefer forest than desert that’due south why their bodies are full of prissy fur, wolves eat flesh like panthera leo, they are carnivore

3. ant; dissimilar the preceding animals, pismire’s colonisation is built past one queen, the elder one from them, pismire tin consume nigh everything simply they are famous animal which swallow sweet foods, their bodies is small and is divided into 3 books, the front end book is their head, the eye i is chest and back, and the back ane is tummy

4. Penguin; I like them very much because they are the most loyal animal for their partner, penguins can’t wing but they are the only bird with astonishing swimming skill, penguins eat fishes from the bottom of frozen lake and sometimes they hunt fishes in the bounding main. their bodies are so cute, only don’t underestimate them considering they can attack you if you disturb

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5. Blue Whale; I think it’due south the biggest animate being in this era, whales are an contained beast, they don’t have colonies or gang or something like that, they simply swim alone in an open ocean, whales eat planktons and other small-scale organisms

Next, I’m going to simplify my explanation

six. Horse; its habitat is meadow; it eats grass, straw, hay; information technology’s four legged animate being which tin can run fast

7. Rabbit; its habitat is meadow and forest; it eats grass, straw, hay; information technology’s iv legged; they have smoothen fur on their minor bodies

8. Squirrel; its habitat is forest; they swallow basics; they are practiced jumper, they can spring from tree to tree easily; their bodies is similar rabbit merely longer, with rusty brown colour, and long tail

ix. Octopus; they live in bounding main; they eat small fishes; they accept practiced cover-up skill; they have no basic so they can bend their bodies.

10. Turtle; its habitat is open body of water; they are carnivore, they consume mankind; they swim to hunt; turtle has strong trunk like rock, iv legged, and unique

11. Cadger; they live in a forest, usually we can find on tree benches; they are insectivore, they eat insects or bugs like mosquitoes and flies, also moths; they take expert camouflage skill like octopus; they have four leg and gummy tongue

12. Snake; they live in jungle, or some time nosotros can find them in forest; they consume meat, usually mice’s flesh; they are creeper as they take no limb; serpent is the virtually simplest beast

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Habitat Food Activity Characteristics Snake

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