Akiramenai Artinya

Akiramenai Artinya

“Don’t Surrender”


Our aim is to be the well-nigh constructive provider of empathetic care and life transformation for the homeless, hungry, and poor in Tokyo.



In August of 2020 the ‘Akiramenai House’ shelter flat for recovered homeless was opened!



Full of three rooms!



Take a tour inside!

This man has lived homeless for over x years and at present has been fully rehabilitated!

This gentleman has been homeless for 21 years.  This was the day he moved into the Akiramenai House!

homelessness in tokyo

• Loss of Chore (age limit, economical)

• Poor Choices

• Debt

• Family unit & Relational Issues


real story

* Permission granted to shoot this video.



• Fairly Friendly (once y’all gain their trust)

• Professionals

– Carpentry

– Farming

– Landscaping

– Musicians


• Low

• Hopelessness

• Alcohol Habit

our center


In 2010, Nihon Kingdom Builders, Inc CEO, Marcel Jonte, had a Homeless friend named Mr. Nishikawa who died while sleeping at Shinjuku Primal Park due to alcohol abuse.  Nishikawa was the leader of the homeless customs. Marcel would go visit him every week later piece of work to give him food and go along him company. When Marcel learned of Mr. Nishikawa’s death he was greatly saddened and decided that he must do all he can do to assistance the homeless and socially disadvantaged in Tokyo. Then, Akiramenai was born.

the care center

The Akiramenai Care Center is located in our Kingdom Garden Community Center edifice in Akishima, Tokyo.

Each week the homeless come up in for showers, nutrient, coffee, relaxation, life lessons.

Care Center Hours of Operation

Tuesdays / 10:00 –13:00

Sundays / 9:30–12:00

volunteer outreach

You along with your family and friends tin volunteer on outreach days

to brand and hand out intendance packages!

Volunteer today

Outreach Schedule

second & 3rd Sabbatum’s / 13:30 –fifteen:45

media coverage

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Kingdom Garden Customs Center

5 Chome-23 Matsubarachō Akishima-shi, Tōkyō-to 196-0003

Akiramenai Artinya

Source: https://www.jpkb.org/akiramenai