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Information technology’due south barely begun, but 2022 is already looking to be the year of the EDC pouch. The utility and customizability of the form factor has led to crazy popularity, with brands like Garage Built Gear, Greenroom136, and RoverEDC pushing out releases to meet the immense demand. Alpaka joins the fray with their own take on the EDC pouch, built with the same technical and minimalist pattern language they’re known for. It fits their futuristic aesthetic, plays well with their modular ecosystem, and offers another versatile option for you to grab a pouch of your own.

The concept of the EDC pouch goes back to the very starting time of EDC. Specialized pouches present a swell fashion to segregate and organize your gear, ensuring the correct combinations of equipment are in the right numberless or easily switched and moved between them. The most recent version of this pouch comes with 2 key features that lend to its popularity: it’s a more minimal and pocketable size akin to a caddy you lot tin can zip airtight, ofttimes barely larger than the standard flashlight, knife, and tool combo carried inside, and an external loop field on some of the pop models led to the rise of compact RE (Ranger Eye) patches that offer limitless personalization.

The HUB pouch remains on the smaller size at 4.72“ x 3.54”, only slightly larger than a pocket notebook. This size allows it to slide effortlessly into a forepart pocket or bag compartment while still existence able to store a total complement of tools. Information technology opens upwardly clamshell style via YKK reverse curl zippers, allowing it to completely lay apartment for ease of loading and unloading.

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The pouch dives into two parts. On the left side you’ll find four pockets in a vertical layout, perfect for medium-sized items like a pocketknife, flashlight, or charging cables. Two of these pockets besides feature an elastic strap, assuasive you to better secure your gear. On the other side, are 2 wider pockets, are perfect for flat items like a pocket notebook or card and cash essentials that let the HUB be an all-in-one wallet equally well. Mirroring the design from their opposite side, one of these pockets has three rubberband bands attached every bit well, handy for storing larger items like your favorite multi-tools.

Alpaka forgoes the loop field in this version of the HUB pouch to make full use of black X-Pac X50 technical cloth for the exterior. This design choice not only gives it an understated, clean look, just it as well provides information technology with abrasion resistance, h2o resistance, and a light weight. The outside of the pouch likewise comes with a zippered pocket, perfect for tiny items like spare modify, a spare cardinal or an SD bill of fare. Cheers to a well-placed loop on the rear, Alpaka’southward HUB ecosystem as well lets you lot utilize the HUB pouch to its full potential. The HUB keychain in particular lets you lot use its modular and magnetic, quick-release organisation to hands attach and disassemble the pouch from modular webbing, purse straps and HUB ModPanels.

And the best office of the HUB pouch: its technical versatility comes at a very affordable price point. Pre-club ane from Alpaka at the link below.

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