Ron What Do You Usually Do After School

Ron What Do You Usually Do After School

Jack : I usually . . .

A.    have lunch
B.    take a holiday
C.     wake up at six
D.    have breakfast

two.     Smith : . . .
Anto : At 10pm.

A.    What do y’all ordinarily practice before sleeping?
B.    When do y’all usually have breakfast?
C.     What time do y’all commonly get to bed?
D.    What do you usually do at night?

3.     Anton : My sis likes watching action films very much.
Cinta : Really?
Anton : Yeah. She … them every weekend.
A.    sentinel
B.    watches
C.     watched
D.    watching

four.     Which sentence is correct?
A.    Lia go to school early.
B.    Lia goes to schoolhouse early.
C.     Lia going to school early.
D.    Lia is goes to school early.

5.     Which judgement is right?
A.    Ihsan and Akbar always studies together.
B.    Ihsan and Akbar always study together.
C.     Ihsan and Akbar always studying together.
D.    Ihsan and Akbar always are studying together.

6.     Be careful with the dog! It sometimes . . . people.
A.    bit
B.    bite
C.     bites
D.    biting

vii.     This dog is tame. It never . . . people.
A.    attack
B.    attacks
C.     attacked
D.    attacking

8.     The bucket can . . . a lot of water. It is a large bucket.
A.    hold
B.    held
C.     holds
D.    holding

9.    We always … the floor using a broom.
A.    swept
B.    sweep
C.     sweeps
D.    sweeping

10.       The vacuum cleaner . . . all the dirt.
A.    suck
B.    sucks
C.     sucked
D.    sucking

11. Birds… high in the sky.
A.    fly
B.    flew
C.     flies
D.    flying

12. A gardener usually … plants using watering can.
A.    water
B.    waters
C.     watered
D.    watering

thirteen.       A sheep . . . in the field.
A.    graze
B.    grazes
C.     grazed
D.    grazing

14.       Look at the butterfly! It . . . beautiful colors.
A.    has
B.    had
C.     take
D.    having

15.       Crocodiles . . . in a swamp.
A.    live
B.    lives
C.     lived
D.    Iiving

sixteen.       Penguins live in the Antarctic. They cannot fly, but they . . . well
A.    swim
B.    swam
C.     swims
D.    swimming

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17.       Ants . . . their burrow together.
A.    built
B.    build
C.     builds
D.    building

18.       A swan does not give birth, it . . . eggs.
A.    lay
B.    laid
C.     lays
D.    laying

19.       The car is tall. It . . . big wheels.
A.    has
B.    have
C.     do non accept
D.    does not have

xx.       This mobile phone is sophisticated.
Information technology . . . complete features.
A.    has
B.     accept
C.     Do non accept
D.    Does non have

The following dialogue is for questions 21 to 23.
Yayun : Is the man over at that place your begetter?
Nana : Yes, he is.
Yayun : What does he do?
Nana : He is a tailor.
Yayun : Actually? He’s cool.
Nana : Yep! He makes a lot of nice clothes.
Yayun : Does he make your dress likewise?
Nana : He does He sews my clothes. By the manner, what about your
  father? What is he?
Yayun : He is a soldier. He travels a lot.
Nana : Wow! He’due south cool, likewise.

21.       What is Nana’south father?
A.    A tailor.
B.    A soldier.
C.     A traveler.
D.    A designer.

22.       Who sews Nana’s clothes?
A.    Her father does.
B.    A soldier does.
C.     Yayun does
D.    Nana does.

23.       What does Yayun’s father practice?
A. A tailor.
B. A soldier.
C. A traveler.
D. A designer
The following dialogue is for questions 24 to 27.
Dina : What does your female parent practise, Reyhan?
Reyhan : She is a food seller in a market.
Dina : Does she accept a nutrient stall?
Reyhan : Yeah, she does. She has a food stall in Waru Market.
Dina : What does she sell?
Reyhan : She sells soto.
Dina : Wow!
Reyhan : Come to my mother’s stall and endeavour information technology. You can cull craven
  or beef soto. Both are delicious.
Dina : Certain I will visit information technology after. I usually get to Waru Market on Sundays.
Reyhan : Great! I ordinarily help my mother at the stall on Sundays.

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24.       Who sells soto?
A.    Reyhan’s mother.
B.    Dina’s female parent.
C.     Waru.
D.    Dina

25.       What kind of soto does she sell?
A.    Fish merely.
B.    Beef only.
C.     Craven simply.
D.    Beef and chicken.

26.       When does Dina commonly go to Waru Market?
A.    On Wednesdays.
B.    On Saturdays.
C.     On Sundays
D.    Every day

27.       What does Reyhan do on Sundays?
    A.    He goes to the swimming pool.
    B.    He goes to Dina’s house.
    C.     He helps his mother.
    D.    He helps Dina.
The following text is for questions 28 and 29.
Hello, my proper name is Lawrence Agar. I am 31 years erstwhile. I am a chief technician in Pizza Hut. I love my chore. I am a pizza taster, too. And then I gustatory modality every new pizza before you lot can eat it.

28.       What does Agar do?
A.    A lawyer.
B.    A primary technician.
C.     A pizza delivery human being.
D.    The owner of Pizza Hut.

29.       Agar . . . every new pizza before nosotros can eat it
A.    taste
B.    tastes
C.     tasted
D.    tasting


Ron What Do You Usually Do After School