Match the Pictures With the Correct Short Story Summaries

Match the Pictures With the Correct Short Story Summaries

Analyzing and Interpreting Stories

When y’all analyze a story, you lot try to find a meaning for the story.

Y’all brand a claim nearly the story’s meaning, and provide testify from the story itself to support your assay.

You expect for a reasonable manner of agreement the story.

Here are some questions to inquire yourself about a story when you are trying to empathise information technology.


On a literal level, what happens in the story?

What is the

of the story? How practise the events in each phase of the story relate to each other? Tin you lot write a clear

of the story?


Does the

create a mood?

Does it affect the characters’ lives?

Does it affect the feelings and final insight? Does the setting correspond an idea or how a grapheme thinks or feels?


Are there whatever

or words which the writer repeats in the story?

Could those images or words have a special significance?

Practice those images or words touch on your response to the story?

Did y’all go a certain feeling or impression most the characters or setting from these images or words?


Does the master character accept a

in the start of the story?

Is the conflict resolved?

Is in that location annihilation pregnant about the

or its



Does analyzing 1 or more than

closely help yous sympathise the story?

Compare what the characters say to what they really call up or feel.

Why do the characters do what they practice in the story?

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Are at that place things in the story which might be


? A symbol is something that represents something else. For instance, a flower bud might represent innocence; or autumn could represent the concluding years of a person’southward life.


point of view

is the angle from which the story is told.

Who is the


Is the story told past a first-person narrator, a third-person narrator who is a major participant, or a 3rd-person narrator who is simply an observor?

Is the bespeak of view first-person, limited omniscient, omniscient, or objective?

When the story is told from a beginning person point of view, the narrator is a grapheme which the writer has created.

The author and the narrator are not necessarily the aforementioned person. How does the narrator reveal his/her values and behavior? Are the author’south beliefs and values the same as the narrator’s?

The narrator is commonly an important character in the story when the story is told from the commencement person bespeak of view.


Is in that location whatsoever irony in the story?

Is at that place a departure between what the characters call up and what is actually going on in the story? Whenever appearance and reality don’t quite match in a story, in that location is irony.


Does the story illuminate any of the following subjects



a disharmonize between appearance and reality


growing up (a coming of age or a loss of innocence?)




triumph over arduousness


the private vs. guild


struggle confronting oppression or injustice in society


disharmonize betwixt cultures


a journey or quest

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love or spousal relationship


family relationships


human relationship to nature


dealing with death or one’south ain mortality


the ephemeral nature of human existence existence



is the author’due south main insight nigh life, social club, or homo nature.

The theme is different from the subject of the story because the theme is a statement.

To state a theme, showtime detect an of import field of study

in the story and ask yourself, “What does the writer say about this subject?”


When y’all write an assay, you lot have to decide what element of the story you are going to clarify.

The 2 main questions to respond for whatsoever short story are:


How does the story chemical element I want to analyze contribute to the pregnant or result of the story?


Why do I have the response I have to the story–what did the author do to make me experience the way I did about the characters or the catastrophe?

You tin can analyze whatever element of a brusk story.

For instance, you lot lot might determine you only want to analyze a single grapheme and how that grapheme contributes to the significant of the story to you.

It is possible to have multiple interpretations every bit long every bit you lot tin detect evidence for your estimation in the text of the story.

You support your analysis with specific examples and descriptions from the story.


When yous write an analysis, you are not writing about whether the story is adept or not; you are explaining your estimation most what the story shows you or how the writer gives you some insight virtually a subject such as growing up, human being nature, relationships, and other experiences through the characters in the story.

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Match the Pictures With the Correct Short Story Summaries