Premiere Pro Downgrader

Premiere Pro Downgrader

 What is PPDG?

PPDG is curt for Premiere Pro Downwardly Grader. Information technology removes a item limitation of the .prproj file format: its lack of astern compatibility.

As an editor, y’all may be avoiding the newest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC because of bugs that are currently non ironed out. But perchance you started a projection on a newer version non realizing how buggy it is and want to go dorsum to a stable version.

If this is you, PPDG may be of use. PPDG allows yous to open project files authored on newer versions of Premiere even if you don’t take the latest version running. This may save the day or it may cause Premiere to crash. If y’all utilized features unique to that newer version in your project, your results may exist less than optimal. The one advantage of using PPDG over the handful of online PP downgraders is that there is no size limit on project files.

Employ AT YOUR OWN Gamble.

Requires: macOS 10.8 and afterwards

Unfortunately PPDG will probably only work with Premiere Pro 2019 files and below. The XML technique that worked to downgrade previous projection files doesn’t work on newer versions. Sorry. Still investigating if there is a different way to exercise it.

Well, Apple being Apple tree, they have made it pretty difficult to distribute home-mash software. I am making zero dollars from this software and so it makes little sense for me to pay Apple tree’s $100 developer account fee in order to notarize my apps. This ways that:

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If PPDG refuses to run at all (giving y’all an alert box instead), or it runs but puts up an mistake instead of converting your project, your copy of PPDG may accept been “quarantined” by the OS. If you lot’d like to set up this, and you experience comfortable bypassing the Os security, try the following:

Open up up Terminal and type:
sudo xattr -rd /Applications/PPDG

PPDG should operate normally now.

Premiere Pro Downgrader