Where is Rita Spending Her School Holiday

Where is Rita Spending Her School Holiday

Dona     : Rita!

Rita       : Hello, Dona! Fancy meeting you here!
Dona     : Yes, what a surprise!

Rita       : Nice to see you here! Are yous staying in Nusa Dua Hotel, as well?
Dona     : Yep, I am. I am staying on the 12th floor, room number 1214. What about yous Rita?
Rita       : Hey, we are staying on the same floor! My room number is 1223
Dona     : That’due south wonderful! Why don’t you come to my room if you have fourth dimension?
Rita       : Well, that’s a good thought. Let’southward make a plan to explore Bali, shall we?
Dona     : Aye, I agree with you. I am going to swim forth the Sanur embankment.
Rita       : That’south a good idea. Let’s go there in the morning

 Bank check your comprehension by answering the post-obit questions
ane.       What is the dialogue near?
2.       Where is Rita spending her school holiday?
3.       Where does she meet Dona?
4.       Who is Dona?
v.       How exercise they feel when they meet?
6.       Rita says, “Let’s make a plan to explore Bali”. What is the synonym of “explore”?
vii.       What is their program afterwards?
8.       Write the expressions of intention found in the dialog



1. they both met in the hotel accidentally their room was on the aforementioned floor.

2. Explore bali.

3. In nusa dua hotel.

iv. Rita’s friend

5. very happy.

half-dozen. Roam / roaming

seven. going to swim along the Sanur embankment.

8. happy and surprised.

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1. The dialogue is almost Rita and Dona meet in Nusa Dua Hotel and they plan to spend their vacation together.

two. Rita spends her schoolhouse holiday in Bali.

iii. Rita meets Dona at the Nusa Dua Hotel.

4. Dona is Rita’south (school) friend.

five. They experience happy and excited.

6. the synonym of explore is traverse.

7. They plan to swim in the Sanur Embankment.

8. Rita       : Well, that’due south a proficient idea. Let’s make a programme to explore Bali, shall nosotros?

Dona     : Aye, I concur with you. I am going to swim forth the Sanur beach.

Where is Rita Spending Her School Holiday

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