Naskah Drama Malin Kundang 5 Orang Singkat

Naskah Drama Malin Kundang 5 Orang Singkat

Drama Script Malin Kundang

A village named Suka Maju, there lived a fellow named Malin. He lived with his mother, while his father has long passed. 1 solar day Malin expresses himself to his female parent to become wander into town.

Malin               : “Mom, I’1000 going to migrate to the urban center alone, who knows I could be there got a job

                          for the sake of our lives. ”

Mom                : “Are you sure son? Looking for a job in a big urban center information technology is more than hard than looking for                  a job in our village ”

Malin               : “I’grand certain Mom, delight let me get! ”

Mom    : “Well if that’s your want, let Mother.”

The next morning Malin went into town to expect for a job. The place for the sake of the place he went to, merely to no avail. Until one day he saw a beautiful adult female shopping in the marketplace.

Suddenly the woman’s bag snatched by a man.

Cahaya           : “Please, aid me someone, My purse is stolen please!! (Malin immediately help Cahaya and the pursuit pejambret) ”

Pejambret      : “(He finally managed to catch it and judge pejambret) Mr. mercy, mercy. . . ”

Malin               : “Damn you, how dare only to women!”

Pejambret      : “Please Mr. . My god! ”

Malin               : “Come up with me to the office of constabulary!”

            And then Pejambret Malin brought to the police force station to obtain further legal proceedings.

Cahaya                        : “Thanks already helped me, for acknowledgments, would you lot to my house first ? ”

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Malin               : “Yes ma’am …”

Light               : “Don’t call me ma’am, my proper name is Cahaya ..”

            In brusk, Malin arrived home Cahaya and and then get acquainted with his father. Malin since the incident and appointed as employees get familiar with Cahaya. Because of its familiarity, to the extent Malin barely think the mother at village. Non long after, they were married. In one case married to Cahaya, Malin worked every bit an employee accidentally Her in-laws.
inadvertent, the ship stopped in the village similar to frontward, where he and his mother lived. A relative saw Malin trimmed and immediately convey Mrs. Malin.

Neighbor        : “Mak, mak mak .. Malin home, he edged at the port!”

Mom                : “Malin home? Thank reportedly Union over! (Reveals Mother Malin with fully excited

                            and thrilled) ”

Neighbor        : “Let’s Mak, we go there!”

            Hearing the news that his mother was very happy. Female parent awaited day arrived.

Mother           : “Malin, Malin, Malin son, you’re back, child. Miss you so much Mom (Mother Said

                            approached Malin Malin charge per unit) ”

            Ashamed to admit his mother, Malin was lying.

Malin               : “Who are y’all?? My mother is long dead!!! (Snaps Theft) ”

Mom                : “Your female parent’s son, who gave nativity to me and raised y’all, why are you so like this?? ”

Malin               : “No, y’all’re non my mother, my mother had died.”

Cahaya                        : “Is it true he’s mother B? Then why exercise not yous admit it? ”

Malin               : “No!! She’south not my mother!! (His mother rushed left)

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So the female parent wept bitterly, children born and raised not to admit her. Tearfully. Malin to get out of the village.

Mom                : “Oh my
GOD, why is my just kid like that? I who gave nativity and raised him GOD.

                            Give He rebuke you, in fact he is a rebellious kid! “

Suddenly in the heart of the journey, the storm came, the wind, sea waves rise, darting lightning, the transport was shaken.

Malin               : “What is this? The tempest is so large ”

Suddenly lightning malin.

Malin               : “Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh ……!!!!!!!!”

Instantly he became a rock …

Naskah Drama Malin Kundang 5 Orang Singkat