Analyse the Advertisement in Task 18

Analyse the Advertisement in Task 18

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Advert Methods

Advertising Methods listening exercise is a free resource to practise for the new IB Diploma English language Language B Listening Newspaper. Nosotros add IB resources for all dissimilar English language skills on a regular basis.

Advertising methods

Advertizing Methods for the IB English Language B Listening Test

You volition hear a marketing manager talking to his staff.

Heed and friction match the list of resources 1-4 with the types of ad methods that volition be used. Choose newspapers, television or the internet.

More than IB English B exercises associated with this type of question:

Input learning is the process of learning things from resources or other people and keeping them in our brain.

  • Listening

Output learning is the process of using things we learned or memorized.

  • Speaking

Learning English requires not just a proficient vocabulary, but a strong foundation of English grammar to communicate effectively.

  • Grammar

Hither are some helpful exercises, providing give-and-take retentiveness focussing on the English that you need to use to communicate successfully in your customs.

Here are some grammar exercise which requite you the practise to be confident in communicating in English language at this avant-garde level.

Word puzzles require non but a skilful vocabulary and a knack for spelling, but the ability to retrieve logically and strategically.

  • Word Searches

  • Word Puzzles

Here are some crossword puzzles that give yous a way to think about how to spell and link words correctly to consummate the task.

Here are some word searches that provide an excellent way to assistance to reinforce spellings in your listen.

Doing puzzles like the ones we have on this site volition be useful for you lot as you try to retain new words in a different language.

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 This free cloth is for students at an
advanced level
of English for the IB Diploma. This will probably be suitable for students in their fifth or sixth year of English studies. Nosotros add exercises on grammar and vocabulary as well equally whole text activities on a regular footing. In addirion, we provide test do activity for students who are preparing for the C1 Advanced which is office of the Cambridge Assessment English Chief Suite as well as the English Language B for the IB Diploma. The material will besides support students studying for the Cambridge Avant-garde courses.

We besides provide free resources across the full range of levels to provide the tools to communicate in English well.

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Analyse the Advertisement in Task 18


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