Tanda Tekanan Nada Kuat

Tanda Tekanan Nada Kuat

Average West Java Women Become Married Before eighteen: BKKBN

1 January 1970 07:00 WIB

Djakarta– TheNational Family unit Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) W Java continues to push down the number of child marriage prevalent in West Java.

BKKBN W Java official Ida Indrawati said that the average Westward Javan woman go married at the historic period of 18.05 years. The figure is way below the minimum age for marriage to meets the rights to reproductive wellness.

“Nosotros desire to improve it. Because to run across [the rights to] women’due south reproductive health, minimum marriage age for women is 21,” Ida said on Wed in Bandung.

According to Ida, it is difficult to lower the rate of child wedlock. She said that child wedlock is not sectional to rural areas. “Child marriage is also common in urban areas. Culture plays a significant part in kid spousal relationship,” he said.

Ida said that teenagers make upwardly 26 percentage of total W Java population. “The full teenagers in West Coffee is roughly 26 percent of [the region’s] total population of 46.7 million. They are quite a lot of them,” he said.

Research of Environs and Self Contained (RESIC) director Neng Hannah Hakim said that Indonesia ranks second in rates of child wedlock after Cambodia. Some ii.3 pct of vii million Indonesian women under the historic period of 15 have married.

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As for Due west Java, three regions are on top of the nautical chart of rates of child marriage: Indramayu, Karawang and Garut. “Also Subang,” she said.

“One of the reason is economy. Parents who are having economical difficulty adopt to let their young daughters to get married to lower the burden. For others, women are seen as properties, such as in Indramayu and Subang. People are taking pride in existence able to improve their economy past marrying their daughters with wealthy men,” she said.



Sri Mulyani Says Covid-19 Pandemic Inhibits Stunting Prevention

23 Agustus 2021

Sri Mulyani Says Covid-19 Pandemic Inhibits Stunting Prevention

Minister Sri Mulyani said children who lost their parents due to Covid-19 potentially run into a decrease in their quality of life, health, and educational activity.

VP Ma’ruf Amin to Set up New Organization to Boost Papua’s Development

17 Desember 2020

VP Ma’ruf Amin to Set Upward New System to Boost Papua’south Evolution

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin planned to develop a new organisation and program to accelerate the development in Papua and Due west Papua Provinces.

Jokowi Govt`due south Second Term to Prioritize Development Programs

xxx Juni 2019

Jokowi Govt`due south 2d Term to Prioritize Evolution Programs

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The 2nd term of President Jokowi’s authorities is ready to more than rapidly eternalize the flow of investment into the country.

Salvation Army To Help Battling Rising Poverty in Australia

19 Oktober 2018

Salvation Regular army To Assistance Contesting Rise Poverty in Australia

The Salvation Army is a Christian denomination and international

charitable system sought to bring salvation to the poor,

destitute and hungry.

BLSM is Temporary Remedy

19 Oktober 2018

BLSM is Temporary Remedy

An elderly would rather to have the onetime prices back than to

receive some coin enough for only one month.

Cengkareng Depression-Price Apartment Notwithstanding in Poor Status

nineteen Oktober 2018

Cengkareng Low-Cost Apartment All the same in Poor Condition

People are hesitant to stay at the apartment for its defective of

clean water and several parts of Block B are damaged.

Jokowi Promises Bali

19 Oktober 2018

Jokowi Promises Bali

Jokowi promises that Bali would exist the showtime to visit if he

received votes over 70 percent for the Jokowi-JK pair during the


Unemployment Rate Highest in Westward Coffee

18 Oktober 2015

Unemployment Charge per unit Highest in West Coffee

The Manpower and Transmigration Ministry building will craft a

certification program for 350,000 workers beyond Indonesia

Tangerang Improves Sanitation Facilities at 750 Locations

i Oktober 2015

Tangerang Improves Sanitation Facilities at 750 Locations

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The Tangerang district education role in Banten province has built school sanitation facilities at 750 locations, stated an official.

Indonesian Poverty Numbers Reach 28.five Meg

16 September 2015

Indonesian Poverty Numbers Reach 28.5 Million

The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) said that the number

of poor people in Republic of indonesia in March 2015 stood at 28.59


Tanda Tekanan Nada Kuat

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