What Did Black Beauty Learn From Farmer Gray

What Did Black Beauty Learn From Farmer Gray

1.You want to enter a friend’s bathroom.two.It’due south a hot 24-hour interval; you want your classmate to open the door.3.Yous need coin, ask your partner if he/she can le …

nd you some money.four.It’south freezing cold and your partner has an extra coat, ask him/her if you it.5.You have an exam only you forgot your pen, ask if you can borrow 1.6.Your friend asks y’all to drive him/her to the subway.seven.Y’all enter your friend’s house and it’s so beautiful, enquire him/her to look around.8.In a friend’s firm, you want to fume, enquire him/her if you can.9.You ran out of t-shirts; ask your friend if he/she tin can give you one.x. Y’all lost your cell phone, ask your partner if y’all tin can employ his/hers.Ask for permission in the situations below.​

2. A rabbit eats…. a.rice b.meat c.grass d.grains

Worksheet 1 Affiliate Four Kelas 7A. Fill up in the blanks with “has” or “have”!ane. I ________ a dainty bedroom.2. Rani _________ two dictionaries.iii. Dodi _____ …

____ a blackness pen in his bag.4. Dea and Rizki _________ a bicycle.5. The true cat ________ soft fur.B. Fill in the blanks with article: a, an or the!ane. That is ____ apple2. I have a cat. ______ cat has a cute face.three. Father has _____ motorcar.4. This is _____ beautiful umbrella.five. There is an owl in the muzzle. _____ owl belongs to my male parent.C. Fill up in the blanks with “there is” or “there are”!1. __________ a monkey on the tree.2. __________ some mice on the roof.iii. __________ thirty tables in the classroom.4. __________ only an egg in the refrigerator.5. __________ few students in the schoolhouse yard.D. Fill in the blanks with singular or plural nouns!1. There are many __________ (student) in the school mosque.2. My uncle a slap-up __________(rooster) in his cage.three. I see two _________ (mouse) in the kitchen.4. There is an ________(orange) in the garden.5. Those are some ___________(fish) we volition melt tonight.East. Estimate what building or identify is information technology!1. The building is used for pupil to written report. ______________2 You can go to this place if you you want to mail your letter._____________3. This site is used for Muslims to pray. ______________4. You tin come and watch popular movies here. _______________5. Nosotros tin can save our money here. _______________​

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Understanding Future tenses is very important For aur daily Communication. learn again the material about Future tenses. Y’all can use Many Sources from …

book or the Internet to anlarge your knowledge about Hereafter tenses. You tin can likewise ask Your teacher to get better Agreement almost future tenss. Apa Bahasa Republic of indonesia nya​

What Did Black Beauty Learn From Farmer Gray

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