Al O2 Al2o3

Al O2 Al2o3

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  Combination reaction
  Oxidation-reduction reaction

4Al + 3O2
aluminium oxygen aluminium oxide
(rắn) (khí) (rắn)
(trắng) (không màu) (trắng)
4 iii 2 Hệ số
Nguyên – Phân tử khối (chiliad/mol)
Số mol
Khối lượng (g)


Further information about equation 4Al
→ 2Al2O3

What is reaction condition of Al (aluminium) reacts with O2 (oxygen) ?


Explanation: The platonic environmental conditions for a reaction, such as temperature, force per unit area, catalysts, and solvent. Catalysts are substances that speed up the pace (velocity) of a chemical reaction without being consumed or becoming part of the terminate product. Catalysts take no upshot on equilibrium situations.

How reactions tin can happened and produce Al2O3 (aluminium oxide) ?

Sprinkle aluminum powder over the flame of alcohol lamp

In a total judgement, yous can also say Al (aluminium) reacts with O2 (oxygen) and produce Al2O3 (aluminium oxide)

Phenomenon subsequently Al (aluminium) reacts with O2 (oxygen)

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What are other important informations yous should know about reaction

Al burned in oxygen creates Al2O3. Under normal weather, Al reacts with oxygen to create a stable sparse Al2O3 layer which protects aluminium objects, non letting Al react with oxygen in the air and h2o.

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→ 2Al2O3

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Al O2 Al2o3