What Tense is Used in the Text

What Tense is Used in the Text

The end of the calendar twelvemonth provides a perfect opportunity to have a discussion almost time and how to indicate time with language. The Common Cadre Standards for first grade crave that students “use verbs to convey a sense of past, present, and hereafter (e.g., Yesterday I walked home; Today I walk domicile; Tomorrow I will walk home)”

Both narrative and informational books permit students to identify various temporal signals in the text. This calendar week, I will focus on using informational texts to familiarize students with time-related words and unlike tenses.

Chill Fox,
part of theZoozoo Animal GlobeArctic Habitat gear up, describes the different changes that chill foxes undergo from flavour to season. Your students volition be intrigued to learn facts about this wintry and majestic animal!

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 Earlier reading:

  • As a course, brainstorm a listing of words and phrases that betoken time. The words can exist specific (i minute, December, two o’clock) or relative (adjacent, yesterday, now). Encourage students to consider dissimilar scales of time, from seconds and minutes to months and years.

During reading:

  • While reading, emphasize the verb “is” and its present tense. For instance, page 3 states that the chill play a joke on, in the moment captured by the pic, is cold.

After reading:

  • Browse the book and add any other time-related words to your list. (Summer, winter)
  • Talk over the passage of time in this book.
    When is the arctic fob white? When is it gray?
  • What flavour are nosotros in right at present?

    What colour is the chill fox?
    (It is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and then the chill fob is white.)
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Writing activity:

  • Have students complete the following sentences to demonstrate their understanding of dissimilar verb tenses.
    • Last summer, the arctic fox _______ (conjugated “to be” verb) _______ (adjective).
    • Now, it is winter. The arctic fox _______ (five) ________ (adj.).
    • Next summer, the chill fox ___ ___ (5) _______ (adj.) again!
  • Using the book every bit guidance, students tin can either write nigh the different colors of the arctic fox or seasonal temperature differences.

As an extended reading activeness, read
Brown Bearfrom the Mountain Habitat Prepare. Challenge your students to identify the verb tense used in this book.
Is the verb tense unlike from the one used inArctic Fox?

WithZoozoo Animal World, your students can acquire virtually different animals and reach Common Core Linguistic communication Standards!
Next Thursday, I’ll take a await at using fictional narratives to learn about different verb tenses and the concept of fourth dimension in books.


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What Tense is Used in the Text

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