The Floor by the Servants Every Day

The Floor by the Servants Every Day

39. Past reading the text, we tin conclude that online shopping is….. A yet new to many peopleB. tiring and time consumingC. becoming bigger and big …

gerD. decreasing due to some problems​

Answer these questions completely to talk virtually your daily activities. 1. What time do you get up in the morn? 2. What do you do after you get up? …

Exercise you always have breakfast? 3. four. What practise yous have for lunch? five. What time practise you go out the house for school? half dozen. How do you go to school? 7. How long does it take yous to become to school by motorcoach/ motorbike? South. What fourth dimension practise yous unremarkably go far at school? 9. What time does your class brainstorm? x. How many subjects do y’all usually study at school? 11. Where do you lot usually accept dejeuner? 12. Do you e’er get directly home after schoolhouse? xiii. What fourth dimension exercise ordinarily arrive domicile after school? 14. What exercise you practice in the afternoon? 15. What do yous normally exercise before you get to bed? 16. What time practice you go to bed?​

tolong saya ygy buat Senen. Thankyou ​

D) Put was, wasn’t,were or weren’t in the gaps in these conversations.1. Peter: Was Paul at work today?        Julie: No, he ________ in the office. I …

call up he’s ill. 2. Henry: ________ you in S America last year? Steve: Yes. I ________ in Bolivia on business, and so my wife and I ________ in Brazil for a holiday. 3. Paula: Philip and I ________ at home in London last week. We ________ at Mike’south house in Cornwall. Information technology was lovely there. Exercise yous know Mike? Jane: Yes, I ________ at Mike’s political party in Oxford in the summertime. ________ you lot at that place?  Paula: No, we weren’t there. Philip and I ________ in Portugal in the summer.​

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Task 6 What are the questions? 1. Yes, I’thou from Papua. 2. No, my father is not a lawyer. 3. The manager normally arrives at 7 o’clock. four. I go to schoo …

l by motorcycle. v. I written report business direction. 6. Yes, I recall names well. My last name spelled S-One thousand-I-T-H. 7. 8. She is from Australia. 9. Yes, she does. She likes her job very much! x. My father drives to work. eleven. The secretary needs a new calculator, 12. My mother is a house wife. 13. Mr. Brownish is responsible for all purchases. 14. My position? Well I’m the marketing manager. xv. My blood brother works for United Tractor. sixteen. My cell number is 0812-8824-5967. 17. I usually get to the beach for recreation. 18. These jeans are IDR 800.000. 19. He likes the chore because it gives him a lot of experience. 20. He works viii hours a week. ​

The Floor by the Servants Every Day