Who is the Song Addressed to

Who is the Song Addressed to

There are big issues between Shakira and her married man Gerard Piqué. Co-ordinate to the latest news, there are rumors of an imminent separation, after Shakira discovered him together with another woman. After the news has been revealed, people is therefore asking: exercise the lyrics of Shakira’s
Te Felicito, released less than a month ago, learn a perhaps autobiographical pregnant? Is her song addressed to the famous Barcelona football role player?

Meanwhile, the song’s official video has already reached nearly lx million views, and nosotros tin run into her in bang-up shape, more than beautiful than ever with her disruptive energy. Only this time it seems a unlike free energy than usual

Shakira, Rauw Alejandro – Te Felicito (Official Video)

The meaning of
Te Felicito

Scrolling through the lyrics of
Te Felicito
it is piece of cake to catch Shakira’southward anger and thwarting towards the human she loved. She describes him as a fake human being, an player who was doing a mere show.
“Te Felicito”
is precisely the ironic way in which Shakira congratulates him about his operation every bit an actor. “You deserve the Oscar”, she tells him at one point.

The lyrics as well have some painful moments, reminiscent of when she cried for him, of the trust she had for him (“I could put my mitt on the fire for you”). Nevertheless, there is will for challenge and a desire to react in Shakira.
“You have lost an authentic person,”
she tells him plain.
“I do not demand you”.

In the pregnant of
Te Felicito, Shakira’s anger and accusation against Piqué and her betrayal are therefore evident.

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The total lyrics and the english translation

Por completarte me rompí en pedazos
Me lo advirtieron, pero no hice caso
Me di cuenta que lo tuyo es falso
Fue la gota que rebasó el vaso

In order to consummate you I broke into pieces
They warned me, but I didn’t heed
I realized that you are fake
Information technology was the straw that broke the camel’s back

No me digas que lo sientes
Eso parece sincero pero te conozco bien y sé que mientes

Don’t tell me you’re sorry
That seems sincere only I know you well and I know you lie

Te felicito, qué bien actúas
De eso no me cabe duda
Con tu papel, continúa
Te queda bien ese bear witness

I congratulate you lot, how well you lot deed
Of that I have no incertitude
Please go along with your role
That show suits you

Esa filosofía barata no la compro
Lo siento, en esa moto ya no me monto
La gente de dos caras no la soporto
Yo que ponía las manos al fuego por ti

I don’t purchase that cheap philosophy
I’thousand sorry, I don’t ride that bike anymore
I can’t stand ii-faced people
I would have put my hands on the burn down for you

Y me tratas como uno más
De tus-an-tojos
Tu herida no me abrió la piel, pero si los ojos
Los-ten-go rojos
De tanto llorar por ti

And y’all treat me like one more than
Amidst all your craves
Your wound did not open up my peel, simply it did open up my eyes
My eyes are red
from so much crying for you

Y ahora resulta que lo sientes
Suena sincero pero te conozco bien y sé que mientes

And now it turns out that y’all are sorry
It sounds sincere but I know you well and I know you lie

Te felicito, qué bien actúas
De eso no me cabe duda
Con tu papel, continua
Te queda bien ese evidence

I congratulate you, how well you deed
Of that I have no doubt
Please get on with your role
That evidence suits you

Hablándote claro, no te necesito
Perdiste alguien auténtico
Algo me decía por qué no fluíamos
Te voy a picar cuando recuerdes cómo nos comíamos

He says
Ra Rauw
Speaking to you clearly, I don’t need you
You lot lost someone authentic
Something told me why we didn’t friction match
I’1000 going to bite you lot when you’ll remember how we ate

Como antes
Tu espalda apoyándote del volante
Te mando el tranquilizante
No te bloqueé de las redes para que veas la otra en la Mercedes

Like before
Your back leaning on the steering bike
I send you the tranquilizer
I did not block you from the networks so yous can see the other girl in the Mercedes

No me cuentes más historias, no quiero saber
Cómo es que he sido tan ciega, no he podido ver
Te debería dar un Oscar, lo has hecho tan bien

Don’t tell me whatsoever more than stories, I don’t want to know
How come I’ve been so blind, couldn’t see
I should give you lot an Oscar, you’ve done and so well

Te felicito, qué bien actúas
De eso no me cabe duda
Con tu papel, continúa
Te queda bien ese show

I congratulate you lot, how well yous act
Of that I have no doubtfulness
Delight go along with your function
That show suits you lot

Who is the Song Addressed to

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