I His Car Last Night

I His Car Last Night

  1. Hitting by a car final night

    I guess this is just going to be a rant. There is not much else I can do at this betoken other than be pissed that I didn’t get the opportunity to suspension off the side view mirror.

    I ride 32nd ave to Golden 3 days a week afterward work. I e’er ride very close to the white line or in the cycle lane. Yesterday was no different. I was on my bike for a nice trivial twenty mile ride yesterday. It was lovely. The conditions was perfect, my legs felt cracking, and I needed a stress reliever after a long day piece of work.

    And so around 5pm, just past McIntyre St and immediately before the large sweeping left plough, I see a white sedan pulling incredibly shut to me. I look over just in fourth dimension to see his side view prune my confined. My initial instinct was to yell at the asshole driving, thinking he didn’t encounter me. So came the inevitable. I was pushed to the dirt and immediately went over the confined into a field of grass and small-scale cactus.

    I look upwardly to effigy out what the hell was going on and all I see is the ass cease of his white automobile following the road out of sight around the left mitt plough. I wanted so badly to go dorsum on my bike, hunt him down, and kick the shit out of his car with my bike shoes just I knew I would never catch him. Instead, I called 911 in hopes that they would rally the troops and find this white sedan every bit it entered Golden. Unfortunately, due to being hitting and crashing I couldn’t go a license plate number.

    After being transferred from Wheatridge PD to JeffCO to Golden to Country Patrol, I was finally able to concentrate on what the F but happened. I was sore, my artillery, legs, and donkey were total of cactus, and I was fired up! Every vehicle with flashing lights showed upwardly in a matter of minutes and one lane of 32nd ave was shut downwardly. A bit excessive simply i hell of a response. Paperwork, questions, more than paperwork, blood force per unit area, pulse, more than questions, some jokes nigh cactus in my donkey, and then the departure.

    My question is: What the hell is wrong with people? I don’t typically get involved with political banter and how crazy shit is getting. Even so, our guild is going downhill. People are more than and more fucked upwardly these days and the idea of hurting someone doesn’t bring red flags to their mind. Now they but wonder if they tin can go away with it. What did a cyclist do to this person that caused them so much malaise?

    I keep thinking that it would have been nice to take gotten a boot in to the side of that car or had been able to break that side view off. Then I think, where would that bring me? How would that help solve the problem? Is at that place a reason to go on that negative energy out there in the earth? Or, should I be like nigh other people and simply desire to kick the shit out of this guy and hold a massive grudge?

    Thankfully, I have nothing more than than a couple bruises, a raw arm and ass, some remaining tiny cacti prickers that are difficult to observe, some untrue wheels, and unfortunately, some reminiscent thoughts of revenge.

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  2. It was probably an accident. It happens.
    Glad you’re OK.
    Very normal feeling you are having, just being hit past a automobile BTW.
    People lose sight of the fact they are propelling a 3500-5000 lb piece of metal because it’s an everyday ritual.

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    It was probably an accident. Information technology happens.

    Really, that’s your reply? What near the fact that the guy who hit him drove off and didn’t cease to see if he was OK? That doesn’t just happen.

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    Information technology was probably an accident. It happens.
    Glad you’re OK.
    Very normal feeling you lot are having, just being striking by a car BTW.
    People lose sight of the fact they are propelling a 3500-5000 lb piece of metal because it’s an everyday ritual.

    Blow, fine. BUT Yous DON’T Bulldoze AWAY!

  5. ^^^Smmokan
    yeah information technology does.

    It’s amazing what people don’t notice (or they only freak out )
    Just because it’southward negligent doesn’t mean information technology was premeditated, does it?

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    Accident, fine. Merely Yous DON’T Bulldoze Abroad!

    Trust me, I’m non condoning it.
    But I tin can empathise.
    I had the verbal same scenario happen (minus cactus) and was pissed.
    Pissed will become you nowhere, just a good thing yous’re in one slice.

  7. Danny Butterman: Hey, why can’t we say “accident,” again?

    Nicholas Affections: Because “accident” implies there’s nobody to blame.

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    Accident, fine. Merely You lot DON’T Bulldoze AWAY!

    I know a guy that was hitting at 60mph by a trailer mirror on an f-350 in the back of the dome. He was wrecked. The granny driving had no idea it happened.

    But I imagine in a pocket-sized car, yous’d have to be totally blind to non discover y’all hit a cyclist. You encounter the commuter? Curious as to what age demographic they fit into.

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    I know a guy that was hit at 60mph by a trailer mirror on an f-350 in the dorsum of the dome. He was wrecked. The granny driving had no idea it happened.

    Simply I imagine in a small auto, you’d take to be totally bullheaded to not notice y’all hit a cyclist. You see the driver? Curious as to what age demographic they fit into.

    No. I didn’t get a look. Information technology took me past total surprise. I imagine being hitting in the dome would hurt a hell of a lot. I am under the impression the person saw me. There were no cars heading eastbound and then they had plenty of room to move over. And if they didn’t run across me, they definitely heard me swearing at them when I first saw them that close.

  10. i heard blurred was driving in that area last dark.

  11. People are fucking selfish, and don’t give a shit about anyone, but themselves. Did you hear virtually the unlicensed 16 year old in Park City who struck and killed a horse, and critically injured a 37 year one-time hottie the other day? I hope that information technology was worth it to send that text bulletin…….douchenozzle.

    �How does it feel to exist the greatest guitarist in the earth? I don�t know, get ask Rory Gallagher�. � Jimi Hendrix

  12. An onetime guy most here clipped a cyclist with his truck mirror while he was pulling a trailer. Cyclist got real dead, quondam guy kept going oblivious. They got a half hr down the road showed the mirror impairment and told him what he did.

    It was probably an erstwhile person who should exist giving up their license or a young person busy reading or sending a text or center aged reading or using the laptop or some shit. Our new distracted driver constabulary hither has had an bear on but it’due south still amazing the shit people are doing backside the bike.

    Information technology’southward not so much the model year, it’s the high mileage or meterage to keep the youth of Canada happy

  13. When I was hit by a auto 18 months ago, I had the same feelings. It was an accident, and the driver did stop, and it was a small mitsu, but if it were an F350, I would have gone underneath it… and it would have been a dissimilar story. I seriously had a lot of acrimony, mostly at the lady in a dissimilar car (non involved in the blow) who got out of the car when i was rolling in the street who shouted “Perchance you lot cyclists will learn!!” Wow, I wanted to curb that lady so bad. Even considered purchasing a gun, because a automobile is a weapon, why can’t I exist armed too? It’s non the answer, I don’t know what is though.

    Luckily you don’t audio as well seriously injured, but there have been four fatal motorcar-bicycle accidents in Seattle this summertime, with one, maybe two of which were hit and runs. Then, it happens, and maybe information technology’s lax, distracted drivers, mayhap it’s more bikes on the road, possibly usa cyclists need to pay a revenue enhancement, so we tin can get a sticker to show cars that we have every right to exist on the road. I don’t know what it is, but I’d rather not have my last moments staring at the underside of an american made vehicle, or yosemite sam mud flaps.

  14. Just experience lucky man. A good buddy and shut family unit friend was killed there near 3 years ago. http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_8993299

  15. Glad you are ok!

    I know some drivers are distracted and some are malicious, only it’s weird how other people but become paralyzed when they’re driving and run into a cyclist on the route. Information technology’s non like information technology’s whatsoever different than passing any other object that 1 might meet on the route merely for some reason they seem to lose all sense of spacing. Maybe they ought to throw a cyclist on the road when people have their driving exams so they learn how to pass safely.

  16. Damn, glad you’re alright. That route scares the hell out of me.

    Best tactic I’ve found for cactus quill removal is packing tape: apply it correct over the area that has the quills and yank abroad (kinda similar that scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin when he’south getting his chest waxed). For realz. For whatever reason, packing tape works amend than duct record too. Necessity is the mother of invention and I can tell you that this is definitely a faster/more efficient method than tweezing.

    Information technology is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

  17. Glad you lot’re ok, human. What you’re feeling is pretty normal, and your anger will pass. Sounds like you got existent lucky. A friend of mine’s wife got clipped by a auto and ended up in critical condition for a week, terminal year. Be happy you’re alive and simply a little bruised up. Since you got clipped past a mirror, at that place’s a practiced adventure they were distracted/oblivious and didn’t even detect, merely you never know. Being understanding of and acknowledging that there are bad drivers that are skilful people (not just malicious assholes) will get a long mode towards promoting skilful relations between cyclists and drivers.

  18. Heal up. I got hit ii weeks ago. Really rung my bong hard.

  19. Glad you are not seriously hurt. That is a fear I accept when riding on the road. That’s low driving abroad from the scene.

    I know at least in the downtown Seattle area there is a large problem with cyclists weaving in and out of traffic nearly getting hit everyday. I am not surprised more than cyclists are not hitting.

  20. Vibes to yous. I don’t call up we should all just assume that this guy was a nice person who accidentally bumped a cyclist off the road. If you’re going to step behind the wheel and share the road with cyclists and motorcyclists who volition likely die when you accept a brain fart, so I don’t care what your excuse is when you hit someone. Intentional or non, had this guy been six inches further over it wouldn’t have been a mirror that yous got hitting past – would we then be here saying “allow’s not assume he’due south a bad fellow just because he ran over someone”?

    I’k all for including cyclists in the driving exam. In practice, ignorance and distraction are no better than a driver with malicious intent to hurt someone – they both issue in an injured or killed cyclist.

  21. fuck, buck… glad to hear y’all are ok.

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    I’g all for including cyclists in the driving exam. In do, ignorance and distraction are no better than a driver with malicious intent to injure someone – they both issue in an injured or killed cyclist.


    OP, Happy you survived with nada more bruises and cactus rash. MakersTM, vibes about the road rash on the face – that’s painful.

    I finally quit road riding in Bike-Friendly Portland two years ago. Watching mirrors, making eye contact with drivers, riding to exist seen and staying away from busy roads wasn’t enough. Too many shut calls with people trying to bulldoze (mostly a Suburban or similar) while jabbering on their phones, texting, monitoring their gps for where they’re going, editing the playlist on the iPod, and holding a rabid toy yapper dog that’south hanging out the drivers window. Not enough brainpower left over to evade something small like You+Bike. Dirt is a much safer identify to ride

    It’s getting worse for motorcycles also.

  23. Accident? If ‘accidents’ involving cars and bicyclists/pedestrians carried the aforementioned sort penalties as those for the devil-may-care, reckless or negligent use of firearms (often ane-2 years of jail time) there might exist a change in motorist behavior.

    Another affair that might help would be the automatic assumption of liability past the motorist in any auto-cyclist/pedestrian accident unless gross negligence is proven for the cyclist/pedestrian. In France, Belgium, Scandinavia, Kingdom of the netherlands and Germany drivers assume this type of liability. This at least would put some kind of penalty on motorists who kill cyclists and pedestrians and often get off without even a ticket in the US. The usual defence used by motorists in these cases is that the cyclist/pedestrian did something unexpected which seems acceptable for the police force in the US to put the arraign on the dead person, who obviously isn’t around any more to give their side of the story.

    “I just want to thank anybody who fabricated this 24-hour interval necessary.” -Yogi Berra

  24. ^^^ That. No such affair every bit an accident. They take it right in Denmark and the UK with strict liability. When we get backside the wheel we demand to not hitting cyclists.

  25. Glad to hear y’all are OK, GB. A good friend of mine was killed by a postal truck very close to there on 32nd a few years ago.

    RIP Sharam.

    I don’t like being outdoors Smithers, for one thing, there’southward likewise many fat children.

    – Mr. Burns

I His Car Last Night

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